Updated 09:11 AM EDT, Sat, Oct 23, 2021

Boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Denies Links to Drug Cartel, El Chapo & Kate Del Castillo

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Former Mexican professional boxer Julio Cesar Chavez has denied accusations that he is linked to drug cartels in his own country.

WRadio reported that in his column, journalist Ricardo Aleman accused Chavez of having links with Kate del Castillo, the actress who set up the meeting with drug kingpin "El Chapo" Guzman and Sean Penn, and other drug personalities,  

However, this was denied by the former world boxing champion, who threatened to sue Aleman.

"I talked to my lawyer (Carlos Lugo) in the United States and Mexico and we will file a libel suit, because this man is baseless," he added.

Chavez explained that the writer even claimed that he has been laundering money in the Sinaloa. The boxer questioned where all the accusations came from.

Chavez did admit that he knows drug traffickers, just like he knows other people from various sectors of the community.

"Indeed, it is true, I have met many like you. I have known of all classes, from presidents, even the poorest, to the Pope I've known and I took pictures with everyone," added the former boxer.

In addition, El Universal said that Chavez also claimed that he cannot refuse greeting anyone, even if they are drug dealers.

Despite this, he maintained his innocence on the accusation that he has links with other drug personalities, like "El Mayo" Zambada, Hector "El Guero" Palma, Juan Jose Esparragoza "El Azul," Amado Carillo, Francisco Arellano Felix.

He also refuted claims that he served as the substitute of the father of Yolanda Andrade, another name dragged into the cartel issue, to launder money from Mexican criminal groups.

In a similar Pulso report, the 53-year-old former boxer demanded public apologies from the writer and El Universal for publishing the said column.

"The article in each of its lines is untrue and unfounded, violates my fundamental rights and would cause serious injury to my person, family, public reputation and labor relations," Chavez was quoted by Pulso as saying.

The issue stemmed after the column was published and supported with photos of Chavez, Andrade and Del Castillo, when the two women attended the opening of the boxer's rehabilitation center in Culiacan.

An earlier Reuters report published by Channel News Asia revealed that actress Del Castillo was exchanging "flirtatious" text messages with "El Chapo" prior to his re-capture.

Information from Mexican authorities revealed that the meeting between Guzman and Penn, which was set up by the actress, aided them in tracing El Chapo's whereabouts.

A high-ranking official in the Mexican government said in the Channel News Asia report that the drug lord transferred to Los Mochis, hoping to have another meeting with Del Castillo

"I'll look after you more than my own eyes," read one of Guzman's text to the actress.

The government official also noted that the drug kingpin "had a kind of obsession" with Del Castillo.

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