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Hair Care Tips to get those Long, Flowing Latina Locks 

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Latina women are known for their glowing skin, but more than that, they are known for their gorgeous manes of dark hair. In fact, it seems that they never have bad hair days, unlike the rest of the world.

So how do Latinas get those long, flowing locks all the time? Here are some tips and tricks:

1) Find the right texture -- According to Seventeen, Latinas have full-bodied hair, so if your hair is pin-straight, ask your stylist to add extra layers to give an illusion of being fuller. On the other hand, if your hair is curly, don't texturize the ends. This will avoid your locks from looking frizzy.

2) Keep skin tone in mind -- Most Latinas have olive skin, but there are still different undertones. For those who look good in gold, warm tones like blonde to brown are appropriate. For those who shimmer in silver, play it up with cool tones like red or espresso brown.

3) Use hot tools properly -- Cosmopolitan mentioned that these days, flat irons can go up to really high temperatures to straighten faster, but Latinas should not subject their glossy manes to such heat. Yohane Garcia, owner of Nu Style hair salon in New Jersey, said that hot irons will only damage hair. If you're going to use them, make sure you spray on heat protectant first.

4) Don't go overboard -- Speaking of products, even though it is recommended to use heat protectant when you use hot tools, you should not go overboard on hair products. They can cause buildup, making your hair look dull, greasy, and unflattering -- definitely not Latina.

5) Protect your hair at the beach or in the pool -- Garcia mentioned that the sulfate in seawater and the chlorine from the pool are damaging to hair, which is why it is recommended to apply deep conditioner on your hair first. After this, braid or put hair in a bun before you hit the sun, as the harsh UV rays from the sun can also be damaging to the hair.

6) Mind the humidity -- Latinas have very thick hair, and in the summer, it can get frizzy when it's humid. Therefore, ensure that you always have hair serum in your purse to ensure that your locks are less frizzy and more shiny. Some serums can be applied before, during, or after drying your hair, so pick one that best suits you.

What other hair care tips do you have that we may have missed?

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