Updated 11:26 PM EDT, Sun, Oct 17, 2021

'Gears of War 4' Coming Out This Fall: New Multiplayer Maps Revealed by Designer Ryan Cleven [Details]

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Good news for "Gears of War" fans and players: the newest addition to the game franchise is coming this fall, sooner than the original release date, which was during the holidays of this year.

Gamespot noted that the update on the release of the "Gears of War 4" was announced over the weekend during a lifestream event of Microsoft.

It was also noted that the estimated more than 1 million people who purchased the "Gears of War" Ultimate Edition will be able to play the game first.

Forty-five percent of the total number of players are said to be new to the game, indicating that it will be a great hit for Xbox One users.

According to Cinema Blend, there is still no exact date from the game's developer, The Coalition, on when the multiplayer beta will be, but it noted that it could be prior or after the "Uncharted 4" release.

The same report noted that this could be around May or June to give way to the release of "Dark Souls 3" this coming April.

"Some gamers worry that due to the dearth of information surrounding the newest Gears of War and the almost non-existent hype for the title following its E3 reveal, that the game may slip into 2017 for further polish," noted Cinema Blend.

It claimed that there is a big possibility that the game could even push for a 2017 release.

In discussing the new multiplayer maps of the game, multiplayer designer Ryan Cleven said in an Express report that his team first tried classic maps "to track movements and positions of players."

He added that there will now be five stages for this new map design, namely concept, blockout, validation, meshing, and polish.

The team then created a concept document which was designed into "3D level boxes" where they tested the game.

Express also explained that when the requirements for the map are completed, it undergoes another testing to generate feedback. After this, the product is turned over for art processing.

Cleven explained that the "Gears of War Judgment" was a big part in the map development of the upcoming game.

When it finally comes this spring, Windows Central detailed that it will have "a darker, near-survival horror motif."

New Gears soldiers JD and Kait will reportedly go around the ruins of an abandoned city as they hunt for a new monster type called Pouncher.

It was also noted that those who want to have early access to the game need to play the Ultimate Edition by March 1.

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