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DC Universe Online Headed To Xbox One This Coming Spring [Gameplay & Details]

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After being acquired by video game developer and publisher Daybreak Game Company, DC Universe Online (DCUO) will finally be able to reach out to Xbox One gamers this spring.

The Slanted reported that with its fifth year anniversary on Monday, the company also announced DCUO's arrival on the Xbox One this year.

It also noted that the game has been previously available on PC, PS3 and PS4 only.

The game, according to Kotaku, can be considered old already, since it was launched way back in 2011, but it noted that it can be a new experience to many Xbox One owners.

Aside from this good news, PC and PS4 owners can also play together through a "cross-play functionality," starting January 25.

According to Shack News, players from the two consoles can already join each other's game sessions, but it claimed that this is a bit frustrating to PS3 and Xbox One owners, since the feature was not offered to them.

Players of the game can also anticipate water powers to soon be together with storylines featuring Superman, Halls of Power and DC Legends of Tomorrow character, as per The Slanted.

It added that the game, which has evolved over the past five years with constant updates, now has more than 40 playable DC comics characters, including The Joker, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, among others.

For their part, players have also made more than 35 million heroes and villains in the game, and designed them with flying powers and other supernatural abilities.

Providing more details on Daybreak's plans for the game, Game Informer said that the game will also be more centred on Superman and other related characters like Supergirl, General Zod, Lex Luthor, and Superboy.

Supervillain Harley Quinn is also expected to return this year, along with her "clownishly large hammer." The same report noted that this comeback is timely because of the Suicide Squad movie, which will come out in August.

As for the changes requested by the fans, Daybreak is reportedly implementing the "styles" function which works like "transmogrification," or the ability of the players to change the appearance of their weapons and armors.

Game Informer also noted that players can already unlock their gear for their alts through collecting them for their respective characters.

DC Universe Online is a free-to-play game, but additional content will entail a $14.99 monthly subscription, explained Attack of the Fanboy.

Another option for players is the Ultimate Edition with the first nine episodes of the games, which come with various powersets costing $65.

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