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5 Latin American Beauty Secrets You Should Know

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Latin American women are arguably one of the world's most beautiful women. These women have a youthful glow about them that makes them the envy of women all over.

It is indeed possible to get that beautiful Latina glow and enviable healthy locks. It is a secret that Latina mothers have learned from their own mothers. In turn, these secrets have been passed on to their daughters. Thankfully, Momtastic shares these 'get pretty tips' from Latina women. The good news is all of them tend to be affordable and natural. 

1. Make your own homemade sugar scrub

Here is a homemade body scrub that is guaranteed to give your skin that youthful and healthy appearance that is so sought after. Why spend a ton of cash at Sephora and Lush when you can have the luxury of making your own sugar scrub in the comfort of your own home? This simple recipe calls for some sugar and coconut oil. Latin American women swear by it to get that dewy glow.

2. For a youthful glow, use Rosa Mosqueta Oil

Chilean women have been using rose hip seed oil for centuries to keep that youthful glow says About Style. The seed oil is locally known as Rosa mosqueta oil. It comes from the seeds of a wild rose that grows in the Andes and was used by the Araucanian Indians for its regenerative properties. It is rich in vitamins A, C and E.

3. Use coffee as an exfoliant

Coffee may be one of Colombia's chief exports, but it is one of Colombia's most closely guarded beauty secrets, as well. Colombian women believe that coffee grounds make for an excellent skin exfoliator and are often used as a cellulite treatment at spas. It is believed that rubbing coffee grounds on the skin will help increase blood flow and improve circulation. This causes fat deposits to break down beneath the skin.

 4. Volcanic clay detoxifies the skin and body

Volcanic clay is an important part of Nicaraguan culture, as it was applied on the skin during purification rituals. The clay is said to exfoliate, nourish and detoxify the skin and body.

5. Use aloe vera for a light moisturizer

In a temperate climate, aloe plants are always kept in the house for after-sun care. These are considered to be a staple in every Latin American home. It is considered by many to be nature's own anti-aging serum.

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