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iPhone & iPad Gestures: Everything You Need to Know

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One of the most convenient features of owning an Apple iPad or an Apple iPhone is the multitasking gestures that comes equipped with iOS 9. These multitasking gestures allow one to flawlessly and seamlessly navigate in between apps, with just a swipe of the hand.

In a report with Tech Radar, those who prefer not to make use of the iPad or iPhone's multitasking gestures, have the option of turning it off. It can be done by simply going to the the Settings app, pressing General > Multitasking Gestures, then clicking On or Off. Though it is optional to try the iPhone or iPad's multitasking gesture, people would not be making the most of their devices.

How does one go about using the iPhone and iPad gestures? The task is fairly simple, as Apple has always employed a simple interface, considered by many Apple users to be of most convenient, reports the website. It is to be noted that there are nine multitasking gestures, three of which can only be used on the Apple iPad, and will not work on the iPhone.

1. Single and Double-tap. This is the most basic gesture that can be used on an iOS device. Tapping on the iPad screen is much like clicking on the mouse button of a MacBook or PC. Doing so would allow for a majority of functions. One can open an app or open a link with just the tap of the screen.

Tapping twice on the screen allows one to zoom in and zoom out on photos and webpages. As for maps, make sure to double-tap to zoom in, and tap once with two fingers to zoom out. Double-tap a column of text on a webpage, and it will fit the screen.

2. Tap and Hold. This gesture is much like right-clicking the mouse button on a computer. This also allows one to copy and paste text and save an image into the Camera Roll.

3. Scroll. This allows users to run their fingers up and down on their device's screen as to navigate a list.

4. Flick. This gesture allows users to rapidly navigate up and down the screen (as in the case of a contacts list) reports About Tech.

5. Swipe. Allows for navigation across the device using a side to side motion. In the case of the Mail app, a swipe can send e-mail to the trash bin.

6. Pinch and Unpinch. This allows one to zoom in and out of a page using a crab claw-like gesture. Doing so will allow one to magnify a document. In order to zoom back out to normal size, repeat the gesture, but in reverse, bringing the fingers closer together.

7. Home Pinch. This is the fastest way to get back to the device's home screen. This can by done by placing four or five fingers on the screen and bringing them close together. Doing so will automatically close the app. This only works on the iPad, and not the iPhone or the iPod Touch.

8. Multitask Swipe. This brings bring up the multitasking bar by swiping all fingers upwards. Users can simply tap icons across the multitasking bar to switch to other apps. This only works on the iPad.

9. App Switch Swipe. This allows users to switch between apps. This is very convenient, especially for those who don't want to bother closing one app and opening another. Users can simply swipe sideways to move from one app to another. They can swipe from the right to the left to step through the apps in the same order that would appear in the multitasking bar.

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