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MacBook Pro vs. Dell XPS 15: Apple in Trouble? [Specs, Feature & Price Comparison]

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The introduction of Dell's 15-inch notebook has been considered to be a great threat to Apple's Macbook Pro because of the great features packed in the new device for a slightly higher price.

Below are some of the highlighted features of the Dell laptop compared to the specifications of the MacBook Pro to give readers a better picture of how the two fair when levelled against each other.

Display, Processor, Dimensions

Forbes said that the Dell XPS 15 sports a 4K Infinity Edge display which also projects great images and videos at a lower 1080p.

"It's an IPS panel that absolutely pops with 350-nits brightness and gobs of saturation," added the same report.

Meanwhile, the MacBook Pro has a 13.3-inch LED widescreen display that has great colors, as per the Apple website.

For the processor, the Dell netbook is equipped with an Intel INTC -2.94% Core i7-6700HQ (quad-core) Skylake hardware and 16GB of DDR4-2133 RAM.

It was also noted in the Forbes report that the laptop feels very light at 4.4 pounds and could be easily clutched.

On the other hand, the Apple website noted that the MacBook Pro has a 2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor.

It's a bit heavier at 4.5 pounds and a width of 12.78 inches.


According to Yahoo, the Dell XPS 15 also presents a great design that is ready to fight the stylish MacBook.

It noted that the thin bezel of the display make the Dell laptop look "gorgeous and striking" because of the changes in its look.

The same report claimed that change is something that has not been seen in the MacBook for a while and it deserves a much-needed facelift.

But Yahoo noted that both notebooks come with spacious and trackpads which make users do not feel cramped when they are typing words and even numbers.


When it comes to price, Digital Trends said the Dell XPS 15 comes with great features at a price tag of $2,100 inclusive of upgrades while the MacBook Pro 15 is being sold at $2,000 at its base price (upgrades not included.)

"For just $100 more than the base MacBook, users can purchase a top-end Dell XPS 15, with superior graphics and a better display," added the same report.

Levelling these two devices, Digital Trends said MacBook Pro 15 remains powerful and stylish but has very few upgrades while the new Dell device is being introduced as a revamped notebook with a great processor.

For these reasons, the Dell XPS 15 can indeed be considered as a great alternative or substitute for the Apple device.

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