Updated 06:44 PM EDT, Mon, Aug 03, 2020

'GTA Online' Expansion Comes With Luxury Yacht, a Limo & Awesome New Game Modes

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The newest expansion for "Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online" called "Executives and Other Criminals" has recently rolled out and it has brought some luxurious items for gamers.

According to The Verge, the latest update is considered to be the biggest for the action-adventure video game.

One of the main additions for this game is "the ability to run your own criminal organization." The same report explained that a player can already start a gang if he or she has $1 million in their account. Creating a gang requires hiring one to three other players who will serve as their bodyguards.

It was also noted in The Verge report that a job network is also introduced to find bodyguard gigs to earn additional cash and salary.

Aside from these additions, an exciting part of the expansion are the luxury items introduced, like the yachts, which could serve as mobile apartments for gamers and an anti-air defense system which can shield players versus unwanted attacks.

"You can also buy one of those fancy stilt houses in Vinewood Hills -- complete with a 10-car garage -- and fly around in two new helicopters, though neither is made of solid gold," added The Verge, noting that a limo with a turret is also part of the game.

As for the game modes, Video Gamer said that there 6 new game types which operate directly on Freemode. Among these new games and challenges are the Hostile Takeover, Asset Recovery, Piracy Prevention, Executive Deathmatch, Executive Search and Sightseer.

The Verge explained that the executive deathmatch allows crime organizations to fight against each other, while the extraction gives bodyguards the chance to save their employers from a crashed jet.

In addition, Kotaku noted that an Extraction divides players into three groups where the supposed "Target" is armed only with a flare gun.

"He or she can see the locations of both the Hit Squad and the Bodyguards. Both of those teams need to hunt down the Target, with either assassination or exfiltration as their goals," the same report explained.

The update has been made available for PS4, Xbox One and PC users.

Last September, "Grand Theft Auto Online" released a Freemode Events DLC for users of Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

MXDWN said this release for GTA was made to address issues of the game and also add these "freemode events" every 12 minutes of playing time.

The events can reportedly be found on the free roam area of the game, with rewards promised to players who perform well.

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