Updated 06:50 PM EDT, Wed, Oct 27, 2021

Huawei Teases New Smartphone with a Swivel Camera? [Details]

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Huawei is taking the smartphone game to a whole new level by teasing an upcoming smartphone that has a camera with a swivel feature. This should be good news for selfie addicts. Huawei has been known to be competitive in terms of specs and features. 

In a report with Tech Times, the China-based OEMPortugal division teased an image of the upcoming smartphone with the swivel camera on their official Facebook page last Sunday, Nov. 29. The teaser image showcases a white smartphone with a metal bacK and its camera, which has the swiveling feature. The teaser photo was accompanied with the caption.

"And if your cell phone only had a camera? A unique and powerful camera... Even where I'd take your photos?"

These teaser images hint at an upcoming smartphone that should take the selfie game to a whole new level. Huawei has been performing quite well in the smartphone market, and seems to want to up their game a little further. Many tech analysts have speculated that the teaser image hints at a smartphone capable of taking high resolution images, even selfies. This would do particularly well with the younger generation, as well as those people who do not want to be bothered with lugging around a DSLR. Huawei might just eliminate those problems with one clean sweep. 

While the concept of a smartphone with a camera that has a swivel feature is nothing new, this may mean that Huawei will prove to be serious competition for tech giants, Apple and Samsung. The Oppo N1 also features a 13MP camera that is able to rotate, and enables users to take selfies with it as well. Like Oppo, the Huawei phone will also feature a 13MP camera, reports Phone Arena. The camera also boasts the ability to take high resolution images as well as high definition selfies. 

Huawei is currently the third biggest smartphone manufacturer. The company proves to provide some fierce competition, as it continues its streak and also continues to introduce new top-tier devices like the Kirin 950 chipset-powered Huawei Mate 8.

Huawei has taken strides to be globally competitive and has beaten other rivals like Sony and Lenovo to the punch. The company is taking its own strides into making its mark in the ever competitive smartphone industry. 

As of now, there is no release date for the upcoming smartphone. It remains to be seen if the swivel camera feature will be a hit or a miss for Huawei. 

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