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'The Flash'- 'Arrow' 'Legends of Tomorrow Crossover Episode: What to Expect

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"The Arrow" and "The Flash" crossover kicked off on Tuesday with the "Legends of Tomorrow" episode, which highlighted a lot of scenes, but there is more to come on Wednesday for the next instalment of the crossover.

According to Variety, the Tuesday crossover witnessed how Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin, and Oliver Stone (Stephen Amell), faced Vandal Savage and discovered the hidden past of Kendra Saunders.

Other big moments from the first half of the crossover included Patty shooting Harrison Wells, as per Comic Book Resources.

"Though Patty meant well, the combination of the fact that she doesn't yet know of the existence of Earth-2 doppelgangers (or Earth-2 itself, to be fair) and mistakenly thinking Harrison Wells was holding a gun," added the same report.

The shot was almost very fatal and could have led to the death of Wells.

On the other hand, Jay Garrick also regained his speed after he drank a dose of Vector 6. It was his speed which raced to save Wells, retrieving the bullet.

Comic Book Resources also noted that The Flash met Damien Darhk during the episode.

It noted that Barry was able to bail out Oliver in one of the scenes, with the former encountering the latter's antagonist.

Variety added that the show ended with the cliffhanger of Oliver realizing that the boy who was with his ex-girlfriend, Samantha (Anna Hopkins), could be his soon, even though she told him that she had a miscarriage.

This is believed to be explored in the "Arrow" instalment of the crossover on Wednesday.

In a review, IGN said the crossover began with a "rocky start," questioning if the characters were even needed in the episode.

"Still, there was a lot of fun to be had in seeing both teams cross paths and grapple with an increasingly strange world of heroes and villains," the report added.

It also noted that viewers are hoping that the next instalment on Wednesday would be better and would provide a conclusion for the crossover.

Cinema Blend had to agree as it said that the episode was disappointing for an hour of television airing time, but added that expectations should be met by the next episode.

With the continuation of the story of the two superheroes, Comic Book said fans can expect more flashbacks and callbacks, especially for Oliver.

The same report also mentioned that there could be a number of casualties since it is not expected that everybody will survive the crossover.

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