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'Fallout 4' Tips: Complete Guide to the Wasteland

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Bethesda Games Studios' "Fallout 4" was released a week ago and PC players have already found loads of custom-made alterations. Mashable wrote that the game developer hasn't even unveiled the official mod tools for the game.

Players still familiarizing themselves with "Fallout 4" are in for a treat. WCCF Tech provided a useful list of tips that came from a Reddit thread started by a user named Dylloop95.

Listed below are some tips on how to improve your "Fallout 4" experience. For the full list, head to WCCF Tech.


  • Plan your character's build with this online tool. Doing so will help you avoid wasting valuable points as there is no way to respecyour character at the moment.
  • Click quick save always.
  • Here's a detailed map of the Commonwealth Wasteland with locations of collectibles and more items.
  • Characters will be able to run faster when your weapon is holstered.
  • Options to recover HP include stimpacks found inside first aid kits and in many places. Food, drinks, and sleeping in a bed will also help you get better.
  • Sleeping in a bed you own gives +10% to XP gains for a period of time. Sleeping with a companion makes the XP bonus rise up to +15%.


  • There are thirteen companions ready to accompany your adventures in the Wasteland. Six of them can be romanced.
  • Companions cannot die and will just bounce back after a while.
  • Other companions can pick advanced locks and hack advanced terminals better than you at the beginning. Cait excels in lockpicking and Nick Valentine is the best choice for hacking.
  • Companions can be commanded and can have more options if they approve of the player's character. This will be determined on how you approach quests and interact with other people.


  • The game will break down junk items for you and obtain its components if they are stored in your settlement workbench or inventory. Extra resources will be dropped in your settlement workbench.
  • Growing your own adhesives is possible through cooking Vegetable Starch with Corn, Tato, Muttfruit, and Purified Water, which can also be picked from Greygarden, a settlement entirely run by robots. Purified Water can get you five adhesive, and building a water purifier will automatically give you some purified water every so often at the local workshop. Codsworth can also provide purified water.


  • A mod shown on Nexus removes any limit to settlement objects for those who want to build one. Here's what a Reddit user was able to create.
  • When building settlements you can lift and lower objects by holding E and using scroll wheel on PC, X, and L1/R1 on PS4.
  • Use E to move the initial workbenches instead of scrapping them while building your settlement.
  • The Starlight Drive's radiation can be removed by scrapping the barrels in the center, and the Unrusted Crashed Car.

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