Updated 02:27 PM EDT, Tue, Oct 19, 2021

iPad Pro vs Samsung Galaxy View: Head-to-Head Spec & Feature Comparison, Which Ginormous Tablet is the Better Buy?

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Apple, Inc. and Samsung have both been fierce rivals for quite sometime now. Both companies have been fiercely competitive, gaining loyal fan bases. Both have different marketing strategies and both have proved to be on top of their game.

In the case of the tablet wars, both companies have offered two massive tablets- the iPad Pro for Apple Inc. and the Samsung Galaxy View for Samsung. Both are powerful tablets with a massive display screen.

One of the tablets has deemed itself to be a "laptop killer" while the other promises to take watching TV to a whole new level. One question still remains, which one of the two is the better buy? It is titan versus titan, which one will emerge victorious?

When it comes to display size, the iPad Pro's screen measures at 12.9-inches while the Galaxy View measures at a whopping 18.4-inches. Tablets are most ideal for media consumption and because of this, the iPad Pro is dwarfed by the Titan Samsung View.

Unfortunately, bigger does not always mean better as per a report with Tech Times. Bigger screens can also count as a tablet's weakness, particularly in the case of the Samsung Galaxy View.

While the Galaxy View's screen is great for streaming sites like Netflix, the device only offers a meager 2 GB RAM that may not provide users with a more seamless video experience as the iPad Pro's 4 GB of RAM. The lower RAM may result in more buffering time and hanging on the part of the Galaxy View.

Battery life is another issue on tablets, especially for those who love to spend countless hours of binge watching shows like "The Walking Dead." On the Galaxy View, it is a cool eight hours. Even more good news, since Samsung's massive tablet will run on Android M, the numbers could be boosted a wee bit.

On the other hand, the iPad Pro can run on 10 hours, which is equivalent to watching the entire extended edition of "The Lord of the Rings."

On the specs sheet, both devices are neck-in-neck and have displayed impressive features, Eweek reports. The iPad Pro allows users to speed through tasks and apps thanks to Apple's latest 64-bit A9X chip. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy View is packed with Exynos 7580 Octa-core 1.6 GHz processor. Interestingly enough, both devices offer 32 GB of storage all the way up to 128 GB.

So which one is the better buy? In a nutshell, both are powerful tablets that offer massive screen size. However, both have different markets.

On one hand, the Apple iPad Pro is marketed for business owners in mind. The screen size is just right for business presentations, without having to lug around a bulky laptop while on the go. Whereas, the Galaxy View is geared towards entertainment, since the massive screen is just the right size for movie marathons while on the go or at home. At the end of the day, deciding which of the two tablets is the better buy boils down to defining your needs.


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