Updated 04:18 PM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

'Victor Frankenstein' Movie Update: How Max Landis Combines Mary Shelley's Classic Tale with Modern Adaptations

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Max Landis' "Victor Frankenstein" depicts Mary Shelley's classic horror novel with a touch of modernity and 'defiantly colorful aesthetic' as it revolves around the relationship between two of the major characters in the story.

In an in-depth report on the film, Screen Rant revealed how the American screenwriter and director would be portraying the infamous story of bringing life to a creature formed by bits and parts of various dead people.

According to the outlet, the latest movie remake of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" focuses more on the relationship between Dr. Victor Frankenstein played by James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe's Igor.

It all begins when the hunchback is saved by the doctor from his humble circus home and enlists him to aid in his cause to "push the boundaries of science into dangerous and possibly immoral territory."

"Sherlock's" Paul McGuigan has been chosen to direct the film into becoming a carefully woven and unique take on the famous story, particularly in Daniel Radcliffe's charactet, Igor, who is not actually in the original story.

In the new film, Igor will be portrayed as a crucial part of Dr. Frankenstein's life, which, according to McAvoy, is filled with a "myriad of personality disorders."

"Igor has something that he needs, so he harnesses him. He's a user, Frankenstein is very selfish and personally driven," he added.

McAvoy also reveals that meeting Igor make Dr. Frankenstein somewhat complete since "he suddenly finds somebody who is exceptional and on a par with him... something of Igor gets through to him and they do form a loving relationship."

Meanwhile, Radcliffe reveals that the monster the doctor would inadvertently create is set to appear a bit later in the film since Igor will technically be his first real creation.

"Victor saves me, and then creates me, gives me this identity, and a new physical appearance - it engenders that loyalty. In that moment, the finale of the film is set up, you need to establish that loyalty, because he treats me so badly throughout the film," he told Screen Rant.

Aside from the never-before-seen link between Igor and Frankenstein, Landis also wrote the film in a way that is very "irreverent to the time period" with women like Jessica Brown Findlay's Lorelei as independent as they are in modern times.

"[Lorelei is] a liberated woman who knows how she feels [and] knows what she wants," Findlay told Screen Rant.

And with that, McGuigan declares that "Victor Frankenstein" is far from the classic story it was based from, saying that "there's not a great deal of the original" in it and maintained that Landis only captured the spirit of the scientific adventure as the film's theme.

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