Updated 11:59 PM EST, Fri, Dec 04, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date & Price: Is This Phablet’s Camera? Specs, Features & Design Concepts Here

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After the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Android fans are now excited for the release of its successor, rumored to come late 2016.

VC Post noted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is expected to arrive by the third quarter of next year and will come with a powerful 30-megapixel camera and an 8GB of RAM.

In a similar report, SamsungGalaxyNote6i noted that fans are expecting that the Note 6 would be a better handset that its predecessor.

"And even we can witness foldable display and with a 4K resolution. As we know that today's generations is more addicted to selfies and, of course the company will try to make the camera much better," added the same report.

In line with this, it is anticipated that the upcoming Note device a 16MP front-facing shooter for better selfies.

SamsungGalaxyNote6i added that it may also come with a fast-charging technology for more efficient performance for Android fans.

The said charging technology is expected to power 40 percent in a matter of four minutes. This will surely be a plus for on-the-go users who like to have their batteries charged really fast.

GalaxyNote6Info added that the Galaxy Note 6 will come with specifications that will surely impress users.

"A bigger battery, faster processor, more memory, more RAM, stronger surround, increased camera megapixels, 3D camera feature, and an amazing 4K screen display will prove to be one of the best set of smartphone specs in 2016," the same report said.

As for other camera highlights, the site wrote that the Galaxy Note 6 supports autofocus and optical image stabilization. Such features are present in most smartphones today. On the other hand, price is touted to be set around $1,100.

Meanwhile, TheGalaxyNote6 speculated that the device will come with a new a design featuring metal and alloy body. The report noted that the Exynos chipset will continue the trend in current phones released by Samsung.

"And in Galaxy Note 6, we would witness first 16-core processor of Samsung," the source said.

In addition, PhonesReview said that concept designs of the Note 6 showing up online. It said that one design showed "a white edition of the handset, and one of the images also shows a new stylus for the phablet."

The said design reportedly came with a metal body, a Home button and two speakers on the bottom of the phone.

There will also be a USB Type-C port that will come with the device which is expected to be "slim and narrow."

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