Updated 07:08 AM EDT, Fri, Jul 10, 2020

Hacker Group Takes Down Game Servers 'for the Lulz'

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A hacker group known as DERP unleashed a coordinated attack on several servers and websites for video games through direct denial of service attacks on Monday. These hacking attempts took down several targets, with the popular eSports game League of Legends receiving the bulk of the attacks.

The group's Twitter account chronicled the various attacks. DERP first attacked the League of Legends servers in several regions such as the North America and Europe. The group also took down the League of Legends forums and website through most of the day. After that, DERP turned their attention to Battle.net, the website for Blizzard's various games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. Battle.net was taken down by the group, and then things took a more interesting turn.

DERP then got in contact with PhantomL0rd, who was streaming one of his DOTA 2 games on Twitch TV. The group stated that if the popular player lost his match, then they would take down the game's servers. Phantoml0rd lost the game, and then DOTA 2 was taken offline. From there the hackers took down EA's website, before the group coerced Phantoml0rd to start playing Club Penguin before that game's server were also taken offline. When asked by Phantoml0rd why the group was taking down these games and websites, DERP's spokesman claimed they were doing their attacks "for the lulz" and spoke about the group's dislike of "money hungry companies."

At this point, Phantoml0rd stepped away from his computer, and the attacks began to dissipate and many of the affected websites were brought back online. The final big attacking on a game was against the North American servers for World of Tanks, which have also since been recovered.

This hacking attack seems to have no rhyme or reason to it, and unlike some so-called hacktivists groups that seek to attack major targets due to perceived slights or for political reasons, DERP seemed to attack these games just for attention. Taking down a video game website is one thing, but taking down the servers of DOTA 2 or League of legends seems to be fairly frivolous and a way to make video game players angry at the group.

It will be interesting to see if members of the group are caught and if DERP is punished for these deeds. Look out for more news about DERP and other concentrated attacks on online targets right here.

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