Updated 04:26 AM EDT, Wed, Oct 28, 2020

Halloween Candy Warning: Police Advise Parents to Be Vigilant for Latest Ecstasy Drug Designed to Appeal to Children

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Halloween is upon us, and while it's a fun holiday for children and adults alike, a candy warning has been given by the police, advising parents to be vigilant regarding the candy that their children will receive this holiday.

Last Wednesday, a story about dangerous Halloween candy went viral on Facebook when police in Jackson, Mississippi posted a photo of ecstasy pills that can be confused as candy. The post read, "They are the new shapes of 'Ecstasy' and can kill kids through overdoses!!! So, check your kid's candy and 'When in doubt, Throw it out!!!'"

Despite the viral post, however, some people raised questions, mainly, how plausible it may be, and whether or not the post was merely another unnecessary hype.

Kiro TV took the initiative to speak with King County Sheriff's spokeswoman Cindi West, who said that there have not been reports of children being hurt by Halloween candy, adding that "The most common thing we see are robberies - where bags of candy are stolen by older kids. What they don't realize is that can be a robbery."

She checked on Wednesday if there have been reports of people getting hurt by candy, and so far, she didn't find such cases in the last few years.

Seattle police spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said the same thing, adding that "Last year there was talk about edible marijuana - that people would be giving it out. But we haven't been reports of that either."

According to Snopes.com, there may be some truth to this warning, but there are false information as well, including the claims of this deception being new, and that it appeals to children. The site also doubts that these are intended to appeal to children, as much as they doubt that these sorts of pills can end up in trick-or-treat bags.

The site noted that "ecstasy in Halloween candy" may be a variant of age-old rumors about children being handed poison, but in truth is a largely baseless fear. Despite seemingly new concerns, Halloween candy tampering is considered commonplace and may result in harm to children, although reports of people actually handing them to appeal to kids is virtually non-existent.

It also stands to reason that getting children drugged is not the most promising strategy to increase market sales for illicit recreational drugs like ecstasy, marijuana, and even strawberry meth.

Another related rumor to ecstasy candy is the drug-laced, oversized Gummy candies, which are said to put people in coma or even death. The warning didn't specify the name of drug, but these rumors are also thought to be baseless.

That being said, it is never wrong to be cautious over the holidays, but while drugs in trick-or-treat bags may be unlikely, it is still safer to check out your kids' loot just to be safe.


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