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‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 Release Date & Spoilers: Will Your Questions Finally Be Answered?, Find Out Here!

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'Attack on Titan' Season 2 has officially been announced. The main question on everyone's minds now is: What will Season 2 be about? Crossmap explains that Season 1 of the anime covered the events seen in the first 34 chapters of the manga, namely: "The Fall of Shiganshina," "104th Trainees Squad," Battle of Trost District," and "The Female Titan."

In the finale episode of Season 1, Eren along with his foster sister, Mikasa, and long-time best friend, Erwin, were able to successfully identify and capture the mysterious Female Titan, Annie Leonhart.

Season 1 left fans with a lot of questions, including: Where did Eren and Annie get their Titan power? The main characters in the TV anime series and the fans are still no closer to cracking the Titan mystery at all. It is still not known why Titans eat humans or where they came from.

Fans eagerly await for answers in Season 2, but will it give them what they want or just feed their curiosity even more?

Crossmap explains that Season 2 will most probably cover the next chapters of the manga. However, there are only 2 story arcs out as of the moment, so Director Tesuro Araki either has to wait a bit longer to complete Season 2 or divert from the manga all together.

KDrama Stars believes that Season 2 of the anime will initially cover the fifth story in the "Clash of Titan" arc, in which it is discovered that the very walls built to protect the remainder of humanity contain live Titans.

Christian Today has some evidence to prove KDrama's theory, thanks to a video leaked on YouTube by a user identified as Sarah Tilgner. While it is not an official video, it has garnered a lot of attention for AOT fans. Tilgner apparrently posted a video in which characters in the anime discover a live Titan inside the Wall.

The video's description reads: "Upon discovering a Titan hidden inside the Wall, Paster Nick desperately requests that Squad Leader Hanji Zoe cover it before sunlight can make it active. Questions arise... Questions to which humanity may not be ready to hear the answers."

Besides brining up more unanswered questions about the Titans and the human civilization within the Wall, Season 2 will also cover the more political aspects of the society depicted in AOT. Apparently, Captain Erwin Smith will try to overthrow the corrupt king in "The Uprising," reports Crossmap.

The identity of the true royal family will also be identified as the Reiss family. If the anime follows the storyline of the manga, it will be revealed that the Reiss family have the ability to turn into Titans.

Even more exciting is the possibility that the upcoming anime season will introduce the ape-like Titan, who can actually talk and may finally be able to explain the entire existence of the giant sentient beings, adds the Christian Post. 

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