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Tesla’s Autopilot Feature Review, Video & Update: Model S & X To Get Firmware Upgrade Including ‘Lazy-Mode’

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In the race to release the world's first autonomous car, Tesla seems to be ahead of the game. According to USA Today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk surprised car owners yesterday when he announced the release of the company's Version 7 software, which has autopilot features.

On his official Twitter page, Musk tweeted: "Some Exciting news this week: Tesla Version 7 software with Autopilot goes to wide release on Thursday!" Musk failed to say anything else about the new vehicle software upgrade, but did answer a couple questions from his Twitter followers, states Fortune.

For instance, Andrew Shiamone and aikissteeve inquired about the Version 7's autopilot parking capabilities. Musk replied that the new software will support autopilot parking capabilities, but the driver will still have to be inside the car.

He further implies that Version 7.1 will have autopilot parking that will not require the driver to actually be in the car.

Version 7 will not turn all Tesla vehicles into driverless cars per say. The new firmware will allow for some hands-off driving or assisted driving. Besides having the car park itself, drivers can have the vehicle turn, stay on the road and even stay within the speed limit with the new autopilot feature.

Musk does explain, however, that Tesla is working on integrating more and more autopilot features into their vehicles. So by Version 7.1, Tesla drivers can expect more driverless features and improvements on the old capabilities.

Another follower, identified as TeslaFanboy, asks if there will be any bonuses or perks for those early Model S owners. Musk answers with, "Lots of upgrades and a new look, although main UI upgrade coming with 7.1."

Tech Radar further explains that Version 7 will launch for Tesla's Model S Sedan car and the recently released Model X sport-utility vehicle, which was shipped in limited volumes a couple of weeks ago.

The Model S and Model X are seemingly perfect for the new software. Both cars were built with sensors at the bottom, a front-facing camera near the rear-view mirror and a radar system under the nose.

Fortune explains that the sensors are important for the future of autonomous Tesla cars. Sensors have simple capabilities, like scanning and understanding speed limit signs, or more complex capabilities, such as following lane lines. Tesla plans to fully realize the functions of the sensors and camera in the future.

The autopilot feature will be available for all Tesla models. Unfortunately, drivers will have to pay an extra $2,500 USD for the feature.

Yet another Twitter follower, Marcus Adolfsson, ask when Tesla car owners in the US can expect the software update, to which Musk replies: "roughly 5 days." Judging from Musk's answer US Tesla drivers can expect the update on Thursday, October 15, 2015.

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