Updated 02:01 AM EDT, Sun, Apr 18, 2021

'Gran Turismo' 6 Car List & Cheats: Gamers Can Now Create Their own Race Tracks!

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The track editor for "Gran Turismo 6" has arrived after much anticipation from fans.

Polyphony Digital has finally lived up to its promise to racers that they can build the race courses they want, Engadget said.

It also noted that the Track Path Editor application can now be downloaded for free on Android and iOS-supported devices.

"It's not so detailed that you'll recreate every nuance of your local raceway, but you can trace paths with your finger, choose themes and add scenery," said Engadget.

A similar GTPlanet report noted that users can save the tracks they created to their PlayStation Network accounts.

The same report highlighted that users can make use of a number of tools with this app like various geographical locations where they can build their tracks and full control of the shape and layout of the course.

"Roadside items such as plants, trees, buildings, signs, tents, and grandstands can be placed around the circuit," added GTPlanet.

The track creator will also reportedly allow players to place curbs in custom areas.

"Once the track has been saved and loaded into GT6, players will be able to test drive their track, or use it in Arcade Mode, Open Lobby online events, and share it with friends via the in-game Community Features," added the same report.

According to IGN, the game features 1197 cars, some new while some are just returning ones from previous games.

Some of the cars featured in this racing game includes Acura, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Scion, Shelby and Tesla Motor.

A complete list provided by Eurogamer revealed that there are a few "FIA GT cars and some exotic classics."

It added that there were certainly some disappointments in the car lineup like the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari, but said that hopefully more cars will be added in the games through upcoming DLCs.

Aside from this, IGN said there is also a "Recommended Cars" option in the game which gives players the list of vehicles based on career mode class, racing and category.

The feature is subdivided to categories like Class, Racing Category and Current which lists cars depending on their use and features for players to easily choose among them.

Meanwhile, SuperCheats has revealed another addition to the cheats of the game which will unlock the rocket-fuelled car, costing about 50 million credits, as a free vehicle.

"To unlock this car for free, hold down L1 and R1 and press triangle triangle triangle triangle triangle circle square circle X X X on your controller. The credits will be increased to 50 million," added the same report.

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