Updated 08:16 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

Sting Injures Neck in Match Against Seth Rollins, May Cause Long-Term Health Effects

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During his match with Seth Rollins on Sunday's Night of the Champions, Sting hurt his neck, an injury which is now believed to "significant" and could pose long-term health effects on the wrestler.

Yahoo Sports reported that the 56-year-old fighter sustained the injury when he was given the "buckle bomb" by his opponent. This was reportedly a move where Rollins carried him on his shoulders then launched him with his back hitting the canvas first.

It added that when his neck hit the top of the ring's turnbuckle.

"He staggered out of the corner, his right leg wobbling before he fell to the mat," observed Yahoo Sports.

It was also noted that the referee came to his aid, asking a WWE Certified Athletic Trainer to determine if there was something wrong with Sting. But he was able to get back to his feet and gave Rollins another shot at ending the game with his Scorpion Death Lock.

In a similar report, TMZ said that Sting is now recovering at his home but noted that his injury was "so serious doctors are not able to give a long-term prognosis."

"We're told he was injured several times during the match, the most serious being the powerbomb against the turnbuckle which caused the neck injury," added TMZ.

Sting also reportedly bumped on the announcers' table early during the match which could have also hurt his neck.

According to TMZ, Sting already underwent a CAT scan which revealed that he had no fractures.

"Sting was released Monday afternoon and is on his way home. He's able to walk but is in significant pain," added the same report.

The wrestler's manager Steve Martinez said on Sting's Facebook page commended the latter's "remarkable" health despite his age.

"He is a man of remarkable health and resiliency, especially at his age and with all he's endured throughout his stellar career. Therefore, we are optimistic he will have a speedy recovery and return to full health soon. Sting has kept his body in excellent shape, due largely to the guidance he's received from his personal trainer Jeff Cavaliere and we trust this will prove beneficial to the recovery process," Martinez explained.

He added that the wrestler is still being treated for his injury with doctors continuously evaluating his condition.

"As a side note, we later learned the greatest damage to his body took place before the match was over, but being the true professional he is and among the hardest workers to ever step foot in the ring, he insisted to see the match through to the end," the manager added.

A WWE statement released by Fox Sports only acknowledged the injury but did not provide further details.

"Sting reportedly sustained an injury Sunday night during his WWE World Heavyweight Title Match against champion Seth Rollins. Check back with WWE.com for more details and updates on Sting's condition following Night of Champions," the statement read.

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