Updated 12:38 AM EST, Sun, Nov 28, 2021

iOS 9 Battery Life Issues: 5 Ways to Save Power on All Supported Apple Devices

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Apple recently released iOS 9 beta to all supported devices. To the dismay of some users, however, the new software significantly reduced their devices' battery life. According to iGeeks, the tech company has already addressed the battery issue in the second update of iOS 9 beta.

However, for Apple users who are still experiencing low battery life, a couple of tips to conserve power are listed below:

1: Low Power Mode

Apple's new software actually has a feature that will help devices save battery. This is called Low Power Mode, MacRumors reports.

To activate the power-saving feature, simply go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.

While this feature is very helpful to those far from a charging port, there are some minor drawbacks. Switching Low Power Mode on will affect the performance of your Apple device. According to a print screen of an Apple device running on the new software featured on Mashable, Low Power Mode will reduce or turn off certain features while activated, like mail fetch and automatic downloads.

2: Reboot

OSX Daily advises Apple users to simply reboot their iPod, iPad or iPhone. It is believed that sometimes, strange minor issues can be resolved with a simple hard reboot.

To reboot Apple devices, press and hold down both the Home button and Power Button simultaneously. Press on the buttons until the device has turned off and on again, revealing the iconic Apple logo.

3: Turn Off Location Services

To access the GPS settings on an Apple device, go to Setting > Privacy > Location Services. Under "Location Services" there will be a list of all the apps that use the feature.

Mashable suggests turning off the GPS settings for the apps that really do not need the feature.

4: Manage or Turn Off Push Notifications

Notifications take a big chuck of power, reports iGeeks. The site recommends disabling the feature on certain apps, which are not extremely important. There is also a way to manage Push Notifications, so that it takes up less energy. Click here, to learn how to turn off and manage Push Notifications.

5: Manage Background App Refresh

Mashable explains that this feature allows apps to refresh data in the background, which can drain the battery significantly. It is better to turn the feature off for apps that do not need to be constantly refreshed.

To access feature go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

How do you find iOS 9 so far? Share your experience in the comments section!

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