Updated 03:33 PM EST, Sun, Jan 23, 2022

iOS 9 Features & Updates: Twitter App Comes With Split View Support

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With the coming of the iOS 9 to iPhone devices, Twitter also received a major upgrade especially for the iPad which now has a split-screen feature.

iClarified said that the Twitter application on the iPad under the iOS 9 update now has a "Split View and the ability to quickly reply from push notifications."

Now, users can use Twitter alongside other applications like Safari and Mail.

"Additionally, users can reply to tweet mention notifications from anywhere in iOS via push notification quick replies. Quickly see recent Tweets and top trends. Share your location, a song, or your thoughts with a flick on the wrist. It's Twitter, but littler," added iClarified.

Through the new Twitter application, users can also quickly post tweets, retweets and even reply to other users.

Made available on Wednesday, iOS 9 was released for free to all recent Apple devices including the iPhone 4s and iPad 2. It added that the highlight of the new operating system is stability which means there will be "fewer hair-pulling bugs, slowdowns and battery problems," as per Wall Street Journal.

Another feature of the operating system, according to USA Today, is that a News application was also made available which offer "news stories with bigger fonts and a better display."

Apple reportedly considered the device as something that would give readers a better mobile reading experience since it partnered with major news providers like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNN, Buzzfeed and the Guardian.

Meanwhile, Search Engine Land noted that there were also improvements on the Siri feature and even on the Spotlight search engine.

This search feature was introduced last year enabling users to make a "spotlight search" on the contents of your phone with a single pull down from the screen.

Wall Street Journal earlier noted that the update would need 1.3GB space for a user to be able to properly update an Apple device.

Aside from these details, CNet also reported that the update has hidden features like the ability to select multiple photos and videos, hiding multiple images, sketching on e-mail attachments, finding recommendations of restaurants, shops or bars, determining travel times for calendar events and dyeing able to send quickly photos and videos.

Wall Street Journal added that the recently released iOS 9 has improved the battery life of an iPhone 6 by 40 more minutes.

"Those savings come from tweaks Apple has made to better manage the power efficiency of its own apps, including Safari," added the same report.

It was also noted that when an Apple device is not in use, it will not illuminate even when there are notifications.

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