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Michael Schumacher Ferrari Car Headed to Auction

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A Michael Schumacher-signed 2006 Ferrari FXX 29/30 will be made available for auction by the end of the month.

Motor Authority reported that the vehicle which bears the signature of the recovering F1 legend may "sell for less than its original sticker price."

The same report explained that the decline in the price is not because of the usual vehicle depreciation.

"The track-only models were originally sold through the FXX program, where Ferrari VIPs essentially paid to become development drivers. And this one comes à la carte, without the track-side support and ongoing factory-performed maintenance, hence the discount," explained the same report.

According to Motor Authority, the price of the auction item may be pegged around $2.3 million, a few hundred thousand cheaper than its original $3 million price tag back in 2006.

Despite its age, the car is still reported "a formidable track weapon" as it comes with an 809 horsepower and only 1,500 miles recorded travel.

"It has been owned by a collector since 2007 when it was purchased directly from Ferrari," added Motor Authority.

According to Australia Network News, only 30 cars were made under the FXX model and the Ferrari FXX 30/30 "was built specifically for Schumacher and it was the only one in black."

Meanwhile, CarScoops noted that a Schumacher-driven Ferrari is also up for auction.

"This beautiful, raw, F310B example wrote Formula 1 history in the hands of the legendary Schumacher. It didn't brought him any Championship titles, but it brought him the 'fighter' notoriety," added the same report.

The car is claimed to be powered by a Ferrari Tipo046 75-degree V10, however, won Schumacher a Suzuka title in 1997.

CarScoops also mentioned that this was also the same car which Schumacher used before the final race in Jerez where he and Jaques Villeneuve achieved the same time in the qualifying match, but the former was downgraded to No. 2.

In an effort to get the victory, Schumacher reportedly slammed into his opponent's vehicle but this "dirty" move caused him the victory.

"This very car, chassis number 178, is the one Schumacher drove into Villeneuve, trying to fight for the lead," added CarScoops.

The car is expected to be sold for $733,187 at Auctionata.

Schumacher is currently recovering from severe head and brain injuries he sustained from a ski accident in the French Alps last December 2013.

He was placed in induced coma, then was transferred to a Swiss hospital after regaining consciousness.

He finally headed back to his home on Lake Geneva where he is currently recovering, according to Express.

As for Schumacher, there are still no concrete updates on the driver as his family wanted to keep maintain privacy on his condition.

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