Updated 03:51 AM EDT, Fri, Sep 25, 2020

iPad Air 3 Saved as Best for Last? Release Date Expected Next Month! Specs, Features & Price

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Another iPad update is coming soon, and for the iPad Air 3 -- well, those who have been waiting will have to wait a little while longer as it may not come this September after all.

According to DigiTimes, the company is going to focus on the iPad Mini 4, citing "industry sources" linking the decision to declining market sales.

Apple has been very consistent on launching their iPad products in the fall, which gives the company a good run for the holiday season, but the iPad Air 3 may have to be delayed until next month (to go with the fall release) or even next year. Chinese magazine Economic Daily News said that Apple will stop production of new iPad Air units until 2016 as they concentrate on the iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4.

However, what can be expected of the iPad Air 3? Cross Map noted that it could feature the new A9 processor with a 2 GB memory and an enhanced 4K resolution with 401 ppi -- similar t that of the iPhone 6 Plus.

The gadget is also said to have a 7-inch screen and 3GBof RAM, with waterproofing and dustproofing features to go with it. It is also said to be only 5mm thick, which is in line with reports of an even thinner Air model.

Then there is also the possibility of the iPad Air 3 being called the iPad 7 instead. MacWorld noted that while this may be a bit confusing, take note that there are already six existing versions of the iPad -- the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3, making the iPad Air 3 the seventh model to be released.

While these are all well and good, what else do techies want to see for the iPad Air 3?

People are still wondering why Apple continues on making 16GB versions of their products. As Tech Radar pointed out, there are plenty of big apps and no iPad will ever offer expandable storage, so there really is no use for the 16GB version, especially considering that most people would store videos, games and music in their gadgets.

Then there's the return of the silencer switch -- while it is okay to silence the tablet with the use of the control center, it is simply too much work compared to a single switch on the side.

Also, while thin is in -- making it any thinner is bordering on impractical, not to mention that it will compromise the batteries and durability -- which in all essence is of more use than aesthetics.

What do you think of the upcoming iPad Air model?

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