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Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) Transparency Report Set for January 2014 Revealing U.S. Government Request for Customer Information

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Verizon Communications announced plans to publish reports and figures on law enforcement requests for customer information the mobile carrier received.

Verizon stated it will publish the requests made within the United States as well as other countries where they do business.

"Verizon is committed to our customers' privacy, and we do not sell information that individually identifies our customers to third parties without our customers' consent," Verizon Communications Executive Vice President of Public Policy and General Counsel Randal S. Milch said.

According to Milch, all companies are required to reveal information to government agencies under certain situations. Verizon hopes its report will provide transparency to its customers, he said. 

"Although we have a legal obligation to provide customer information to law enforcement in response to lawful demands, we take seriously our duty to provide such information only when authorized by law," Milch added. "We have released the lion's share of this data for the past two years, and we are taking this step to make this information more consistently and easily available."

He also revealed worldwide governments have increased the uses for obtained customer data within the legal system.

"Like others in the industry, the aim of our transparency report is to keep our customers informed about government requests for their data and how we respond to those requests," said Milch.

The Verizon report will include data from court orders, subpoenas and warrants. The mobile carrier will also include details about how the legal demands were received. Pertaining to the U.S., Verizon confirmed it will not disclose information about national security requests by the government.


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