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Latino vs Hispanic: Cartoonist Terry Blas Explains Difference in Mini Comic

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In a world where political correctness is necessary, it seems that many still get confused with the terms "Latino" and "Hispanic."

Cartoonist Terry Blas says there is no shame in that.

He admitted himself that growing up in a household that is both Latino and Hispanic, even he got confused about it, so it's definitely understandable for others to get confused as well.

However, just to be safe, Blas drew a mini comic, which was then posted to Vox, to explain the difference - because, as he pointed out, "Latino" and "Hispanic" are not interchangeable.

To put it simply, he said that Latino is a geography-based term, while Hispanic is language-based.

People from Latin America are Latinos, while people from a country whose primary language is Spanish are Hispanic.

So what's the difference?

Brazilians, as people living in Latin America, are Latinos. But because the primary language in Brazil is Portugese, not Spanish, they are not to be called Hispanic.

On the other hand, Spaniards, who hail from Spain and speak Spanish are Hispanic, but because they live in Europeand  not Latin America, they cannot be considered Latinos.

While the comic is educational, folks at Latino Rebels are not too happy about the post.

The pointed out that it's not very accurate, adding that it is the website's very transparent attempt to draw in Latino readers to their page.

Among the mistakes that the website pointed out is the referral of people from Spain being Hispanic - the term is only applicable to people from Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

Another complaint is the inclusion of all of the Caribbean in the definition of Latin America, which is a moved pushed for by some, but is not widely accepted.

Still, the comic gained a lot of attention, both positive and negative.

Blas already took to Tumblr his response for those who were not too happy about his comic.

He said, "The views expressed in this comic are mine and come from an American perspective. While I'm Latino and Hispanic, I'm American as well and my experiences in respect to my ancestry and culture have been seen through that lens."

He went on to explain that the issue has a lot of complex meanings and is very diverse, with some people thinking that "Latino" could refer to anyone who speaks a language with the main root being Latin (including French, Italian, and Portuguese).

However, in the end, he concluded, "It's difficult, and while not everyone may agree on what the terms mean, this is my (admittedly American but still researched) opinion on the subject."

How accurately do you think he explain the difference between "Latino" and "Hispanic" in the comic?

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