Updated 05:42 AM EDT, Mon, Sep 21, 2020

Samsung Gear S2 the Ultimate Apple Watch Crusher? Release Date & Features to Expect From Looming Smartwatch

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Expect a stylish and a lot nicer smart watch from Samsung by next month.

A YouTube video of the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch was recently made public and it showed that the device will now be circular and made of metal.

Gadgets NDTV said this is the first time the Gear 2 was teased in a 30-second video entitled "The new Samsung Gear S2."

"It shows the smartwatch sporting round casing and a metal band. The Gear S2 smartwatch clearly features a refreshed design from its predecessors," added Gadgets NDTV.

It is still not clear, however, if the upcoming device will still run on a Tizen operating system or on Android Wear. The existence of the device was earlier tipped during the Tizen Developer Summit in Bengaluru last month.

According to The Verge, there will be a big positive change on the upcoming smartwatch.

"There are a lot of quick looks at the interface here, all of which show something new, potentially confusing, but definitely a lot nicer than what the last series of Gear watches were running," The Verge said.

TechCrunch reported the device is also "smaller and more fashionable" than the previously released Samsung Gear S.

Expected to be released during the IFA 2015 event in Berlin on Sept. 3, the smartwatch is believed to have applications for weather, time, stopwatch and sports tracking like Nike+.

The watch even flashed "Keep it up!" to motivate users during their run or any form of exercise.

TechCrunch also reported that the upcoming Samsung device may also come with a heart sensor.

"This watch face features complications with little snippets of information - in this case, your heart rate and your next meeting," added the same report.

Tthe upcoming device is also "a big departure" from the Gear S, especially with the 3G radio.

"You could make calls from your watch without relying on your phone. You could also text from your wrist with a tiny onscreen QWERTY keyboard. It will be hard to squeeze a keyboard on a rounded smartwatch," added TechCrunch.

According to TechRadar, there are still a lot of applications which cannot be recognised for now but will reportedly be a big part of the Samsung watch.

The new gear is expected to go head to head with the Apple Watch.

By next month, the public will be able to realize that this Samsung device is potentially more powerful than that offered by Apple.

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