Updated 03:17 AM EST, Fri, Jan 28, 2022

Aaron Rodgers Slams New PAT Rule! Here's What the Packers QB Thinks

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers did not seem happy with the NFL's new extra-point rule.

ESPN said the Packers star made it clear that he is against the league granting the new 33-yard extra point, since it may sacrifice the safety of the players.

"I think it goes against the league stance on player safety," Rodgers said as he tagged himself a traditionalist.

Under the new rule which will apply for 2015 and the years after, points after touchdown (PATs) "will be snapped from the 15-yard line and kicked from the 33-yard line, while two-point conversion tries will still be snapped from the 2-yard line," as per Sporting News.

It added that defenses can also score on any kind of returns.

Despite admitting that the new PAT rule will make the games more exciting, Rodgers claimed that he still liked the current rule on the one-pointer.

"And with that, the play's not dead anymore. If there's an interception or a fumble, you can return it. So I think you're bringing some player safety issues involved into that play. It could make it more exciting, but I still like the one-pointer from where it was at," he explained.

He also added in the ESPN report that through the new PAT rule, the ball will already be live but still raised a legitimate concern.

"It's now become a very important play, especially in the wintertime in Green Bay, when no field goal is guaranteed. And it doesn't go for just Green Bay. Any place that is cold or has rain or inclement weather, it's going to be an interesting decision. Do you go for the two-pointer from the 2 or do you go for a 33-yard field goal?" the quarterback noted.

In addition, CBS Sports said that Rodgers is not alone, since Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter expressed that he is also not in favor of it.

But the same report, however, stated that most of the teams in the NFL do not share their beliefs -- with only the Oakland Raiders and Washington Redskins voting against the new PAT rule.

Meanwhile, NBC Sports said that the New England Patriots were the first team to "go for two" with the new rules applied during the Thursday night game at the Gillette Stadium.

It added that the Patriots were able to take the ball into its right place after Jonas Gray made a 55-yard touchdown.

"Gray, lined wide to the right, came in motion and stopped behind quarterback Jimmy Garappolo. The quarterback pitched the ball to Gray, who swept wide left untouched into the end zone," added NBC Sports.

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