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Warriors' Klay Thompson Scores Basket While Riding Bicycle, Brother Trayce Gets 1st MLB Home Run

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The Thompson brothers are unstoppable, especially on Tuesday when Warriors star Klay scored a hoop while riding a bicycle and Chicago White Sox's Trayce making his first MLB home run.

On his Instagram account, the Golden State Warriors player showcased his immense balling skills when he made a shot at half court while aboard a moving bicycle. The video came with the caption "Working on being more versatile this offseason."

 Working on being more versatile this offseason S/o to @ttwersky for the dime in the shooting pocket

A video posted by Klay Thompson (@klaythompson) on Aug 11, 2015 at 5:31pm PDT

According to Washington Post, Klay made shooting the ball look so easy using a single hand while the bicycle was in motion.

The same report added that with his skills, Klay could even pass as a circus performer.

But the Warriors shooting guard seemed to be more excited to share his brother's achievement than his recent feat.

On his Twitter account, Klay celebrated Trayce's first home run with the White Sox.

MLB.com said Trayce tagged his first home run on Tuesday night against the Los Angeles Angels as "just another game, just another home run."

"For me personally, it just felt like another game. I was talking to my dad and my mom, and my mom actually told me she's not surprised at all. It's just another game. It's just baseball. That's all it is," Trayce told ESPN.

This downplay in his achievement could have been caused by the low-five from team manager Robin Ventura and the silent treatment from his teammates as he threw imaginary high-fives on the bench.

"These guys like to have fun. It was great. It was awesome. It was funny. It's something I'll remember forever, that's for sure," Thompson said in the MLB.com report.

It was added that Trayce's home run gave his team a three-run lead.

Asked about similar sports achievements in his life, Trayce said in the MLB.com report that it is great to witness their accomplishments.

"Two of the best sports moments of my life was watching Klay make his debut and my oldest brother making the Cavaliers. It was amazing to see their accomplishments. Their support means the world to me. They're my two best friends in the world and they always will be, so it's awesome that they back me up," he added.

Washington Post added that Trayce is the youngest of the three sons of former NBA player Mychal Thompson. Klay, who is 25, is the second while the oldest is Mychel who is also a professional baller in Italy and was able to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2011-12 season.

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