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Google Fiber is Coming to San Antonio

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Last Wednesday, August 5, San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor made the official announcement that Google Fiber will be expanding to the city.

At the press conference held within the premises of Geekdom, which is located at the 100-year old Rand Building in downtown San Antonio, Mayor Taylor joyfully announced that gigabit internet service is coming to the Alamo city.

In a video recording of the press conference, provided for by ABC's KSAT 12, the Mayor explained how the coming internet infrastructure will affect San Antonio and the business located within it. She said, "Google Fiber will provide San Antonio with the competitive business and entrepreneurial edge needed in this era of continuously evolving high-speed technology."

Taylor also noted that Google Fiber will benefit not only businesses, but the community as a whole. She said, "Our residents, neighborhoods and businesses will benefit greatly from having access to ultra-high-speed Internet, and our becoming a Google Fiber community brings us a giant step closer to becoming a community where all our residents are connected to opportunity.

"San Antonio has worked closely with Google Fiber to plan a network that will attract and retain the next generation of innovators."

San Antonio has been on Google's shortlist of cities for gigabit internet expansion for more than a year. An advocacy group called SAtechBloc was formed by leaders of the local tech industry in San Antonio in lieu of pushing the City Hall to create better programs and policies that will support the growth of tech companies. It wasn't until the last week of June 2015 that Google's application to have its Fiber internet implemented in the city was approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

The coming of Google Fiber has been highly anticipated even before the commission's approval. In fact, the meetings between Taylor and Google executives were publicized by the mayor through her Twitter page. Local news outlets have also documented the mayor's comings and goings into Google offices.

San Antonio has over 1.4 million residents and is the seventh largest city in the United States. Once construction is completed, it will be the second city within Texas, first was Austin, which will have Google's gigabit internet service. A GeekTown representative detailed how the improved internet infrastructure can attract enthusiasts and start-up technological companies to settle in San Antonio.

According to its online portal, however, Google Fiber for San Antonio is currently at its design phase and construction is yet to begin.

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