Updated 02:15 PM EST, Fri, Dec 04, 2020

Apple iOS 9 Release Date & Download: Beta 5 & Public Beta 3 Coming Soon? Get the Details Here!

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Apple's iOS 9 beta 5 and public beta 3 is coming sooner than you think.

Despite the tech giant keeping mum about the schedule of their developer updates, Product-Reviews claimed that the iOS 9 beta 5 download will be available this month, specifically on Tuesday, August 4. Judging from Apple's usual release dates for their past iOS betas, the August 4 launch for the iOS 9 beta 5 isn't too far-fetched.

According to Product-Reviews, the normal live time is just after 8AM Pacific Time and 4PM in the U.K. The news outlet added, "This should be the same for the next developer preview hitting the portal this coming Tuesday, as well as the iOS 9 beta 5 release notes going live by 6PM on the same day."

Product-Reviews also said that the iOS 9 beta 5 will probably be the last beta until iOS 9 Gold Master arrives. Last year's iOS 8 beta 5 went live on a Monday, August 4, and featured changes in Health as well as UI tweaks.

The updated SDK change log can be found here. The portal indicates the current status for pre-release builds within Apple, but consumers should expect both builds to change in the coming days, Product-Reviews noted.

As for the iOS 9 public beta 3, it is expected to arrive a day after the developer beta is seeded, following Apple's usual pattern, the news outlet added. This pattern was also followed by iOS 9 public beta 2 last month, 9to5Mac noted.

Apple's iOS 9 will be completed and shipped to all users later this fall, 9to5Mac wrote.

iOS 9 Features

Apple's new OS, which is compatible with newer iPhones and iPads, boasts new features and updates to the already existing ones of the operating system.

There's the new Siri Suggestions update for Apple's intelligent personal assistant. As per Business Insider, Siri Suggestions predicts who the user wants to talk to and which apps the user prefers to use, among others. Basically, Siri Suggestions is "a screen that shows you the apps you used most recently and the people you've texted or called most recently," the news outlet added.

Aside from this, the brand-new Search bar can answer queries without opening a Web browser, Business Insider further reported. Daily Mail also took note of the latest keyboard changes, where the entire range of letters will now appear in upper case when the Shift key is pressed.

There's also the Slide Over feature, which lets users launch a second app without leaving the one they're currently using, Ars Technica wrote. Another one's the Split View feature, which allows the use of two apps side-by-side and simultaneously.

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