Updated 12:13 AM EDT, Sun, Apr 18, 2021

UFC 190: Ronda Rousey Wants Bethe Correia to Suffer Longer! Is Rowdy's Victory Certain?

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UFC champ Ronda Rousey is not planning to defeat Bethe Correia quickly.

Unlike her previous fights with other mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters, 'Rowdy' wants to make her opponent suffer.

According to TMZ, Rousey wants to take her time to "demolish" Correia during their match set on Aug. 1 in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The same report said that the UFC female champion expressed her fury on Correia even mispronouncing her name to "Betch"

"If I beat you quickly, that's me at my nicest and most merciful," Rousey said.

"That means you get to go home unscathed with a paycheck. If I make the fight last longer, that means I don't like you and I want you to go home looking different than the way you walked in ... and I don't like this chick." 

MMA Mania said that as much as Rousey wants to finish the fight as soon as possible to fulfil her mother's wish, she also wants to inflict as much pain to the Brazilian fighter.

 "To be honest, my mom is pissed. She doesn't want me to do it (prolong the fight). She chewed me out and she wants me to end it as quick as possible. I promised her that I am going to be fine and that I am not going to take any damage and if it goes any longer it's just because I am punishing her more," explained Rousey.

She also added that she has prepared herself for a five-round fight.

"That's how I walk out there and that's what I've prepared for. Who knows what's going to happen. But, what people are seeing is the absolute peak of the athletic women's potential. And that is always worth the money," said the UFC star.

But it seems like Correia will not go home without giving Rousey a good fight. Yahoo Sports said that Correia remains confident that she will beat the UFC champ.

"Everybody has holes in their game, and Ronda does, too. You might not know it because the media doesn't talk about it. But she has holes in her game, too," Correia said.

The fact that Rousey ended her match against Cat Zingano in only 14 seconds does not seem to bother the Brazilian MMA fighter. She said that she will not make the same mistake like those fighters whom Rousey defeated.

"They got caught up in all the hype and the media talk," Correia said. "I think those girls were adversely affected by that. I don't think Ronda's unbeatable; I know she's not unbeatable. But you have to go into the fight in the right frame of mind and confident in yourself."

"Those girls had the ability to beat her, but they didn't have the right frame of mind to do it," the Brazilian added.

The match between the two is much-awaited. Both are confident that they will beat the other and seal a victory.

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