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Anthony Giansanti Crushing on Ronda Rousey? Cubs Minor-Leaguer Leaves Tickets for UFC Champ

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Chicago Cubs minor league player Anthony Giansanti is seriously crushing on UFC champion Ronda Rousey, whom he has been leaving single tickets for his Triple-A Iowa Cubs games and informing her of this on Twitter.

ESPN said the minor leaguer has expressed his intention to meet Rousey.

"There you go @RondaRousey A ticket will be waiting for you at will call... 7 o'clock game in Des Moines. Everyday. ," he posted on his Twitter account.

He followed this with other posts:

"Early game today Ronda. 1 o'clock in Des Moines. Yes, of course you'll ticket will be there at will call. #Everyday @RondaRousey."

"Hey Ronda, same location diff. opponent. 7 pm in Des Moines. Will call will have your ticket #Everyday @RondaRousey."

"Surprisingly my #WCW choice @RondaRousey (cue the "he's thirsty" tweets) haha #YesTheresATicketToday."

With these tweets, news.com.au even tagged him "the most desperate athlete."

"She's an incredible fighter. I'm a big UFC fan, and she's also incredibly good-looking. I mean, why not?" the same report quoted the baseball player.

According to ESPN, Rousey has not yet responded to the GIansanti's tweets, likely because she has been busy with the ESPYs and training for her UFC 190 fight with Bethe Correia this coming August 1.

This was further explained by the UFC champ's mother AnnMaria De Mars on her Twitter account.

"She's kind of got this thing in Brazil right now," Rousey's tweeted, to which Giansanti gave a respectful reply.

"@DrAnnMaria @PROMMA very true. I've been selfish...can't wait to see her defend her title! Then perhaps at a baseball game #FingersCrossed," he tweeted.

The ESPN report added that Giansanti has only been hitting .176 for the Iowa Cubs since he was promoted from the Double-A Tennessee Smokies earlier this month.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, the baseball player explained his fascination with Rousey.

"The funny thing about Ronda is, we've had a lot of conversations about her in the clubhouse, and I'm a pretty tough looking guy in the clubhouse, he said.

"And I've always been asked if I think I can beat up Ronda Rousey. And I'm like, I wouldn't want to beat her up - I want to take her out on a date."

Giving her a ticket was sort of a funny thing for him and his team.

"I left her a ticket one day, just hoping the guys would look at the pass list and get a good laugh out of it," Giansanti added. "They said, you should tweet that...it's funny. So I did, and the first one got some love and then I tweeted it again. Then that made it like an on-running joke. Never ever thought it would escalate to this. It was harmless fun, and it caught fire."

Asked about the possibility of Rousey granting his invitation, the baseball player told MMA Fighting that he will consider it as a good ending to a story.

"I guess if she came I'd have to ask her out on a date, right? I've come this far," Giansanti noted.

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