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'Kingdom Hearts 3' Trailer & Release Date: Worlds, Gameplay & More Expectations Here

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On August 14 and 16, Disney promised to show two of its most anticipated games: "Kingdom Hearts III" and "Star Wars: Battlefront", along with "Disney Infinity 3.0."

In a statement released by Disney, the company said, "In the Hall D23 presentation on Sunday, August 16, at 11 a.m., fans won't want to miss never-before-seen gameplay, trailers, new reveals, and surprises from Disney Interactive's most anticipated games. Among the games participating in the presentation are: Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition, Star WarsTM BattlefrontTM from Electronic Arts, and KINGDOM HEARTS III from Square Enix."

While there have been constant updates for "Battlefront", the "Kingdom Hearts III" trailer from E3 2015 left fans with a lot of questions. These are expected to be answered at the D23 presentation, hopefully, with a concrete release date announced with it.

The biggest question regarding "Kingdom Hearts III" has been the worlds that will be included in the game, which developer Square Enix already answered to be "Tangled" and "Hercules".

The trailer already shared footages showing Sora, Donald, and Goofy in the grassy green valleys near Rapunzel's tower, but there is no clue yet as to which part of Herc's world will be in the third installment. Game Spot already noted that Herc's Olympus Coliseum has been available in every game so far (except for "Dream Drop Distance), and Hade's underworld kingdom made an appearance in "Kingdom Hearts 2."

However, Director Tetsuya Nomura noted that the Pegasus and a chariot shown in the E3 Trailer both came from Hercules's world.

For the other worlds involved, a closer study of the trailer may give gamers clues as to which worlds will make appearances in the game.

Outside Disney Characters, every "Kingdom Hearts" game to date has featured "Final Fanstasy" characters, and it is expected that they will make appearances in "Kingdom Hearts III."

Most of the character appearences are from "Final Fantasy VII", like Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, Aerith Gainsboro, and Sephiroth. With a "Final Fantasy VII" remake in the works, it's going to be a great opportunity for the game's producers to have Midgar back in "Kingdom Hearts."

Square Enix and Disney already promised more news regarding "Kingdom Hearts 3" so, hopefully, we will learn more about the new worlds and new gameplay by then.

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