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'Street Fighter 5' Release Date & Characters: New Trailer Confirms Ken Masters' Return!

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In a newly released trailer for the upcoming "Street Fighter 5," Capcom has confirmed the return of Ken to the game.

His coming back will be like no other as Eurogamer said that he will sport a new hairdo. According to PlayStation Blog, Fighting Game Community Manager of Capcom, Matthew Edwards wrote that this is something new for the character.

"This is the most in-your-face Ken has ever been, and that's largely down to his new V-Skill and V-Trigger," he said in ht Eurogamer report.

According to EventHubs, the new official trailer dished that Ken will have his usual V moves as "a fiery, blonde shoto."

The character is said to be the fifth one to return from the series' last instalment, which is the "Street Fighter 4."

When he returns to the game, EventHubs said that Ken will be distinct from Ryu. "He will no longer sport his trademark red gi, and will come equipped with a more 'in-your-face' playstyle," added the same report.

His V-Skills, according to Eurogamer, allows him to rush forward and combine various moves though this hit can be cancelled by gamers once they are in close proximity to other opponents.

Ken will reportedly have a new V-Trigger move called the Heat Rush, which will turn him on fire when gamers burn through the entire V-Gauge.

"It won't last forever, but if you can break your opponent's defence while it's still active, the ensuing combo will incinerate a large chunk of their health. It's also the perfect fuel for an epic comeback," Edwards added on PlayStation Blog, referring to the new skill.

GamesRadar said that Ken will be "more stylish and aggressive" in the upcoming game release. It added that the trailer also hinted another character, who looked like Akuma, though it has not yet been confirmed by the game developer along with the rumored appearance of Alex and Urien from "Street Fighter 3."

Ken's addition in the upcoming game will surely excite gamers. However, GameSpot said that this is not anymore new because he has been part of the games since its first instalment.

Aside from Ken's appearance, IGN  said that the trailer also showed fire all around him and his notable moves, which included spinning, standing light kick and two-hit target combo.

The "Street Fighter 5" beta is expected to begin come July 23 at 6:00 pm for PlayStation 4. "The beta will have a total of six characters to play, but will launch initially with four, with Cammy and Birdie joining later," explained GameSpot.

After the beta release of the game, "Street Fighter 5" is scheduled for release in March next year for PS4 and PC.

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