Updated 06:36 AM EDT, Wed, Jun 23, 2021

'Clash of Clans' Update Download & Release Date: New Features, Gameplay Changes & More

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As the "Clash of Clans" gaming community grows by the day, Super Cell is not stopping to improve and provide older players with new gaming mechanics.

This time, Super Cell is adding new spells and leagues that will make raiding opponents more exciting. The new update is expected to arrive today according to Super Cell.

As for the new gameplay mechanics, the new dark spell factory will include three new spells, namely: Poison, Haste and Earthquake spells. To acquire these devastating skills, players must have their Town Halls upgraded to level eight.

According to Metro, once players reach level eight, one of these skills will be usable and once the town hall is ready to be upgraded to level nine, another one will be added. Once player maximized the Town Hall upgrade to level 10,  all spells will be usable and can be added to the player's arsenal.

Another benefit of reaching level 10 is players can now carry 11 spells when attacking opponents. One slot will be allotted for Dark spells while regular pink spells, consisting of jump, freeze, lightning, healing, and rage, will take up two slots. It is up to the player's strategy if they would like to mix up pink and dark spells, nevertheless, carrying all 11 dark spells will remain possible.

For TH8, it is assumed that players can equip up to seven, while leveling the Town Hall to level nine will allow players to carry nine.

Getting in-depth with the spells, the Poison spell, when maxed out at level four, can do at least 124 damage. That will be enough to kill a level four wizard and using all seven spells is enough to kill a level 10 Archer queen and it will have an area of effect damage as well.

For the Earthquake spell, it will damage depending on a certain percentage. Also, it will not be able to damage storages but resource collectors will remain vulnerable to this spell. As Metro UK noted, it will deal around 10 percent damage to buildings and 50 percent to walls.

Last is the Haste spell. As of writing, little is known about this spell as no sneak peak has been unveiled for this particular dark spell. The website speculated that this could boost the speed of heavy hitters like Pekka or a Barbarian King, so they can instantly arrive to establishments that players wish to destroy, giving them three-stars during wars.

For all the other tweaks and changes made, players can refer to Super Cell's official update page.

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