Updated 05:19 AM EST, Mon, Nov 29, 2021

LeBron James 'Emasculated' Cavs Coach David Blatt During Finals, Report Claims

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Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James reportedly "emasculated" team coach David Blatt in so many ways during the NBA Finals series where they lost against the Golden State Warriors.

ESPN senior writer Marc Stein detailed in his report that there were several instances when he controlled the game out of Blatt's way, leading the coach at one point to even erase his play in a whiteboard when his star player started shaking his head.

These actions, according Stein, were "simply unbecoming of a player of James' legend-in-the-making stature."

"I saw it from close range in my role as sideline reporter through the Finals for ESPN Radio. James essentially called timeouts and made substitutions. He openly barked at Blatt after decisions he didn't like. He huddled frequently with [Tyronn] Lue, often looking at anyone other than Blatt," explained the ESPN writer.

According to Yahoo Sports, James and Blatt had an "awkward relationship" during the entire season which was observed closely during their playoffs series against the Chicaco Bulls when James changed Blatt's play then made a buzzer beater.

Things were certainly not on its greatest between the two and it was sidelined by the fact that the team just had to play the best they could amid Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love's absence.

A CBS Sports report agreed that there was something off with the relationship of the two, opening the possibility that Blatt could be replaced by the team soon with James playing a great role in the decision-making.

"With Tom Thibodeau in the unemployment line and veteran coaches like Mike D'Antoni and Jeff Van Gundy always thrown around as possible coaching replacements, it's safe to say LeBron has options for whom he wants as the coach of the Cavs if it's not Blatt," added the CBS Sports report.

But even if the team hire a different coach, will he be worthy of James' respect or will he be treated just like Blatt? Well that remains to be seen in the coming seasons.

In discussing a separate angle of the story, Deadspin said James could have been actually right in his calls and in defying the instructions of Blatt especially that he badly wanted his team to win. The report said that the decisions of the Cavs coach somehow shows "basic unfamiliarity" with some NBA schemes and personnel.

All these rift rumors were, however, downplayed by the team, with Blatt saying in an NESN report that he and James have a positive connection.

"People sometimes judge things on a game or on a period of time, and they forget that we're in there working together and striving to make the utmost of our team and of our situation day to day.. and a bond develops over time that is a lot more than what meets the eye," Blatt said.

He also recognized James' talent as a basketball star and a leader on the court, saying he is the team's and the league's best player.

"He's a winner. He's a proven champion. I think it's important that he feels empowered and at the same time that he knows that he's very much a part of this team," the Cavs coach added.

Certainly with this kind of situation, people will not just brush aside what they have seen happen on the court. After all, actions do speak louder than words.

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