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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6 Active: Release Date, Price, Specs, Features & What We Know So Far [Facts & Rumors]

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Expected to be announced as early as December this year, the Galaxy S7 is said to be a device that will surpass the expectations of Samsung fans.

With rumours of the device coming out this early, fans are thinking how the device would fair with the Galaxy S6 Active. Below is the comparison of the features of the two:

Design and display

When it became recently available in the U.S., the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active promised a design and makeup for adventurous individuals. Mashable said it has a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display with a 2,560 x 1,440 (Quad HD) resolution.

Meanwhille, the Galaxy S7 is expected to have innovations in terms of display with TheGalaxyS7 saying that it would likely come with a 4K resolution.

Processor, Storage and Camera

AndroidPit explained that the Galaxy S6 Active comes with an octa-core Exynos 7420 chipset, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal storage. Its main camera is 16 MP with a home button shortcut.

It was noted in the Trusted Reviews article that there is still an ongoing debate if the phone will sport Exynos processors. It will reportedly have 4 GB RAM for faster mobile experience and a 20 MP front camera sensor.

Size and Battery

The Galaxy S6 Active, added Android Pit, has a size of 73.6 x 146.9 x 8.8 mm which is a jump from the Galaxy S6's 70.5 x 143.4 x 6.8 mm). 

"A larger battery of 3,500 mAh (up from 2,550 mAh in the S6) is also packed in the housing, which will please more than a few people," added the same report.

There are still no reports on what the dimensions of the upcoming S7 will be but igalaxyS7samsung said that it is rumoured to feature a super fast charging battery which has a charging time of five minutes. This is an ultrafast charging time which is almost impossible to believe but is definitely possible to attain.


Galaxy6Samsung said the upcoming S7 may come with a price tag of $999. The S6 Active, on the other hand, is exclusibe on AT&T for $23.17 to $34.75 per month.

Release Date

The S6 Active comes out on sale starting June 12, while the S7 is rumored to come out early next year.

Other features of the Galaxy S7 include 30 MP ultra low-light sensitivity sensor,  an ultrafast fingerprint detective sensor and a mini projector.

All these specifications will surely make fans drool over the upcoming phone of Samsung but at the same time admire the beauty of the S6 Active which is certainly a great catch especially to Samsung lovers.

More details about the new and upcoming phones are expected to be revealed in the coming days and months as the developer is currently working towards providing the best mobile experience to its users. But, there are certainly expectations from users which should be met with serious consideration as improvements are needed in terms of performance, design and other areas as well.

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