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Apple iOS 9 Release Date: Top 5 Features You Need to Know

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Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference revealed some major developments on the tech giant's products. One of the highlights of the keynote was the next version of Apple's operating system, the iOS 9.

The Verge reported that the iOS 9 can be installed with only 1.8 GB of free space. The OS' contrast to the 4.6 GB required to install the iOS 8 indicates that the new software is more efficient.

Listed below are the five most notable features of the iOS 9 revealed at the WWDC.

Instant News

Apple has partnered with a number of news organizations for this new app. Together with CNN, The Verge, BuzzFeed, ESPN, Time, and Wired, Apple will recommend articles to users based on their preferences. According to The Verge, news reports in the app "are presented in a mobile-formatted layout that loads quickly and has informative animations and full-bleed images."

The corporation insists that News "will get smarter the more it's used," the news outlet added. The app will first roll out in the US, UK, and Australia.

More Powerful Siri

Apple's virtual assistant, Siri, now has a feature called Proactive "that can offer app suggestions and more based on context such as time of day or location," The Verge reported. This major upgrade allows the virtual assistant to look through the apps installed on your smartphone and will suggest the most useful ones based on what you're doing.

It can also suggest relevant contacts to add to your e-mail thread, alert users to a scheduled departure time for an important appointment, and manage music for your commute, Wired noted.


Maps is finally getting transit information and directions. According to Wired, the new upgrade for the app provides "step-by-step transit-enabled directions and includes some station maps to optimize your route right down to the station entrance."

The transit directions upgrade shows trains, buses, and subways, The Verge added. It is set to launch in more than 20 major cities, including New York, Beijing, London, San Francisco, and Berlin, among others.

Apple Wallet

Apple's Passbook is being renamed as Wallet in iOS 9. The app is still capable of storing cards and boarding passes, but it can now also handle loyalty and rewards cards, along with Discover and store cards, Wired reported.

Wallet can also suggest the card a user needs for store payments, Tech Crunch wrote.


The WWDC keynote also highlighted the Spotlight app, which now has a feature called "deep linking." The technology allows the search engine to comb through individual content within apps "whenever you do a system-wide search, instead of just opening the app's main page," The Verge explained.

Spotlight can also perform unit conversions without the necessity of opening a web browser, The Verge wrote. Tech Crunch added that users' reliance on Google Search will be lessened, given that Spotlight will be able to query apps based on the search feature it's familiar with.

The iOS 9 is expected to be available later this fall along with the next iPhone, Yahoo! Tech claimed.

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