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'The Mindy Project' Season 4 Episode 1 Spoilers & Cast News: Series to Feature More Sex & Drugs?

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Fox may have cancelled "The Mindy Project," but its continuation in online video service Hulu has proved that the comedy series still has a lot of story to tell its viewers. Just recently, the show's lead star, Mindy Kaling, talked about what fans should expect from the program currently set to have 26 episodes in Hulu.

Talking to B.J. Novak at BookCon last Saturday, Kaling revealed that airing "The Mindy Project" in a streaming platform has perks for the series it didn't experience before when it was still in an over-the-air network.

"Matt [Warburton, Mindy Project executive producer] and I are both smart writers, but also repressed people. We decided we want people who tuned into the show to tune in for two reasons: because we're doing things we couldn't do on network TV, but also not giving up what people love," the "Why Not Me?" author explained, as quoted by Entertainment Weekly.

Kaling, 35, also said that the show will "push the envelope" like it hasn't dared to do before, Entertainment Weekly noted. The actress, who stars in the show as Mindy Lahiri, a woman balancing her personal and professional life as a doctor, added that the writer's room of the series will begin on Monday.

"My TV show, which is the love of my life, has been through a lot of changes. ... It's like being in a really rocky relationship - it's been more dramatic than any love life has been, this show that's about romance and dating," Kaling said of "The Mindy Project," The Hollywood Reporter quoted.

The Indian-American actress hinted during the BookCon that risqué scenes should be expected between her character and Chris Messina's Danny Castellano. "Sex and drugs" are likely to be more present in "The Mindy Project" when it airs in Hulu, The Hollywood Reporter noted.

According to the news outlet, one of the things that Season 4 will center on will be female friendships, given that the lead character doesn't have plenty of them.

"It's hard to make friends as an adult woman. ... In L.A., the only people you meet are women in your spin class," Kaling explained, as quoted by The Hollywood Reporter. "And you have to wonder, if a woman seeks you out at spin class, you wonder what the motivations are! But you're so desperate for friends. ... It's much harder to find someone you want to talk to than a man you want to sleep with."

In the past seasons, Kaling's onscreen alter ego had female friends and co-workers played by Amanda Setton, Anna Camp, and Mary Grill. These actresses, however, have already left the series.

Hulu's premiere date for Season 4 is yet to be announced.

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