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Android M Google I/O Keynote 2015: Release Date, Features & Important Things to Know About New OS

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This year's Google I/O's opening keynote featured the company's latest product announcements and innovations with a special focus on the Android M Developer Preview, the next mobile version of its OS.

According to Mashable, Google referred to the new mobile OS as "the most polished Android release to date." Google still did not disclose what the M stands for, but the OS boasts small tweaks including a USB-C support and the capacity for apps "to open webpages inside a particular app with Chrome instead of getting dumped into a custom webview," the news outlet wrote.

Android M also has a new feature called Doze, which is responsible for motion detection capable of better management of the handset's power. If your device was unused for a specific period of time, apps are cut off and put into sleep mode, but alarms and high-priority messages and notifications are still functioning, Mashable noted.

The Android M Developer Preview can now be downloaded for select Nexus devices. You can download it for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player here.

Android M will have fingerprint sensor support, allowing users to pay more securely for products using Android Pay and also log into a number of services. To assist the latter's function, "a password manager app has already announced that it's ready to support Google's newest Android security feature," BGR reported.

The password management app is called the Dashlane, which aims to combine Google's Fingerprint and Confirm Credential APIs, BGR added. This means that users need only to verify Dashlane using their fingerprint to instantly log in to any app without the necessity of typing a password.

The news outlet explained that Dashlane will also allow users to access sensitive data stored inside the app using just their fingerprints.

Android Geeks also reported that Android M will have the app permission management feature.

"Apps will no longer ask for permissions at installation, as the user will be asked for important permissions when the app tries to access them for the first time," Android Geeks explained. Users can modify these app permissions by going into the settings tab.

Those who has issues with the "Open with" selector prompts on their devices can now have their problems solved, the news outlet wrote. Android M comes with app deep linking, a feature which has the "autoVerify" element added to their app code so the OS will recognize which particular app is allowed to access certain types of Web links.

It doesn't end here. Android M is said to have easier text selection for copy/paste functions and a redesigned Volume Controller. Android Geeks wrote that a feature called Direct Share will learn the contacts you regularly interact with and place them to the top of the list.

Google didn't mention a specific launch period of the Android M. The news outlet, however, speculated that the OS will be released in October 2015 along with a new Nexus device.

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