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'Destiny 2' PS4 Xbox One PC Release Date in 2016? Top 5 Gameplay Features & Changes on Wishlist [Rumors]

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The action-packed Guardians game Destiny will reportedly have its sequel out this year as per recent rumors, indicating that game developer Bungie is already working on the said game installment for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Quoting a statement from a community manager at Bungie, Gamespresso said that the idea for the sequel of the "Destiny" game is that gamers can create something they can bring on an adventure.

"If you take a look at the way people have played other games for a long period of time, they've had a relationship with the same character for a very long time. It's a lot of fun to walk around the studio because there's always somebody thinking about visions for the future. The next place you'll go, the next enemy that you'll fight, the next thing you'll earn for doing those things," added the community manager's statement.

Since fans are already expecting the game to come before the year ends, here is a list of what players can expect from the upcoming installment:

1. Alien weapons

 A Prima Games report indicated that fans want to have alien weaponry in the game just like in the "Halo" series.

"We'd love to see this change in 'Destiny 2,' where Bungie could create guns that fall into these same classes, but provide different types of ammo and abilities," the same report noted.

2. New and exciting challenges

The missions of the game, according to WhatCulture, are "repetitive, boring and lazy." The site then suggested that developers should come up with "stealth or saboteur missions" like those in the "Vault of Glass: Gorgons' Labyrinth."

"Virtually anything other than putting bullets into bad guys would be a refreshing change of pace for Destiny 2, which certainly can't just be more of the same," explained WhatCulture.

3. A Fully-Realized Story

Meanwhile, GameNGuide said that the criticisms on the current "Destiny" game usually stems from its storytelling. The site added the game fails to deliver the grand story it is hoping to tell, with context not aptly provided for the gamers. This is something that they can develop and work on for the upcoming game.

4. New planets outside of our solar system  

A change in scenery is also anticipated as per Prima Games. The site noted that it would be better if the game will take players "beyond the solar system."

"Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are difficult to set missions on since these planets are gas giants (their moons are up for grabs), while Pluto should come to the first Destiny (we can only hope) via downloadable content," said Prima Games. 

5. Character Progression And Customization

GameNGuide singled out that characters should be able to use and experience the powers offered in the game

"There are a couple of powers that help differentiate the classes and the Supers are unique, but characters generally play the same. The paths unlock themselves through playing, and the only choice you have is which subclass to use and a few small ability changes," noted the same report.

With these things considered, Bungie should really look into a lot of things in the process of the game's development.

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