Updated 05:00 PM EDT, Fri, Jun 05, 2020

Houston Rockets Center Dwight Howard Listed 'Questionable' for Game 2 vs Warriors

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Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard was listed questionable for Game 2 against the Golden State Warriors after he was diagnosed with a left knee sprain.

According to NBC Sports, Howard had difficulty moving after teammate Josh Smith landed on his knee during Game 1. The center's lack of mobility gave the Warriors an opportunity to get into the Rockets' game plan and win the first game.

The Rockets player told members of the media earlier that he will not play for Game 2 if his condition will not progress, but noted that it will be a "game-time" decision.

Howard was still able to participate during the team practice on Wednesday, but he had very sore knee.

Chron noted that the team spent much of the season with Howard missing half of the regular games. James Harden had usually stepped up for the team and worked his magic to make it to the final playoffs.

Forward Trevor Ariza said the team has went through pretty much everything this year.

"Injuries, players in and out of the lineup all the time, we just have to continue to find ways to win. We have responded well when we lose a player," Ariza added.

Howard's absence has certainly affected the performance of the team, but he is definitely more careful now.

"I would have to sit. I have to listen to my body. Nobody can understand an injury but the person that is injured. It's going to be how I feel. If I feel I can tolerate it and go out and play with it, then I will. But my career is the most important thing. I want to do what I can to help this team, but I cannot help the team if I'm hurt," he said of his latest injury.

With the possibility of Howard being absent from Game 2, his teammates said they will do what they can as a team without him.

"We need Dwight. We need him big time. But we're a team. If he can't play, we have to all pick it up. We're preparing to win. We hope he plays, but if he doesn't play, we've played without him all year, and we've just got to be ready to go," noted Rockets forward Corey Brewer.

Meanwhile, coach Kevin McHale said they are now determined to play harder and make no excuses. "We're going to have to play tougher. We're going to have to make plays down the stretch," he told Chron.

The Rockets will face the Warriors in Game 2 on Thursday, at the Oracle Arena in California.

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