Updated 09:01 AM EDT, Fri, May 14, 2021

'The Flash' Season 1 Finale Air Date, Cast & Spoilers: Showrunner Guarantees 'Emotional' & 'Satisfying' Ender

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The upcoming finale of "The Flash" is a guaranteed emotional rollercoaster for fans of the hit CW show.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that the season ender of "The Flash" will see our hero, Grant Gustin's Barry, facing a life-changing choice concerning the ultimate plan of his nemesis, the villain Eobard Thawne or Reverse Flash played by Tom Cavanagh.

"The full measure of Wells' plan, why he's doing what he's doing and what really fully happened that night that Barry's mother died, all of those things are going to come to fruition," Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly. "I hope people will feel like it's a satisfying conclusion to this year's story. It really wraps up season 1 in a complete way, while at the same time helping to launch what's going to be the storyline for season 2."

The news outlet added that the finale will also showcase Danielle Panabaker's Caitlin dealing with her alter ego named Killer Frost, as well as why Cisco (Carlos Valdes) can remember another timeline where Wills killed him.

Kreisberg also guaranteed that the finale will be "incredibly emotional," Entertainment Weekly reported.

"When we had the table read for that episode, everybody just started crying," the executive producer recounted, as quoted by Entertainment Weekly. "Usually when we have the table reads, I read the stage directions, and after a while I just stopped because everybody was in tears and quiet. We've worked really hard to build up these believable relationships between everybody throughout the course of the season. We did the greatest hits of all the scenes that made us cry over the season and put them all in the finale again."

It's been expected for quite some time now that Barry will cross paths with Eobard, but what was surprising was the villain's ploy to take on the identity of Harrison Wells. He is also planning to get back in his own timeline, which could finally be executed in Season 1's finale.

The Hollywood Reporter also noted that Barry will be faced with another big decision - whether he should save his mother from dying 15 years ago.

It is known now that Barry can travel in time if he runs very fast, which means that he could stop Eobard from murdering his mother, but this is without consequences. Barry's mother being alive could mean that the superhero will never meet his STAR Labs friends, and he might never become The Flash. It's also possible that other people will die in his mother's place.

The Season 1 finale of "The Flash" will air on Tuesday at 8 PM ET on The CW. Watch the promo below.

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