Updated 02:09 AM EST, Sat, Dec 04, 2021

John Cena Lifting Over 600 Pounds in A Squat? Watch WWE Star's Power [Video Here]

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WWE wrestling superstar John Cena just proved that he is a total beast after he was seen in a video lifting an estimated 600 pounds of weight.

On his Twitter account, the wrestler posted a video with the caption, "The speed of life gives us chances to make excuses. Define goals, take a pause, and realize you can move mountains." TMZ said that they estimated the weight he was carrying to be around 600 pounds and that the video definitely showed the strength of Cena.

According to Fox Sports, Cena seems to be preparing well for his match against Rusev this coming Sunday for the WWE Payback.

WWE.com said that the competition between the two wrestlers will reach its peak on the "I Quit" match. They went against each other for three consecutive title contests, and this will be the culmination of it all - with the loser to be forced to say the words "I quit."

During their first match, WWE.com said that Rusev defeated Cena but a rematch turned in favor of the Cenation leader. A third match was inevitable but Cena once again proved that he has all it takes to beat Rusev for the second time.

The losing wrestler did not take the loss well as he requested for another match with Cena at WWE Payback.

In discussing the possibilities of the fight, Bleacher Report said that Rusev could do something to force Cena to quit.

"It is so hard to imagine John Cena saying 'I Quit,' but one way around this would be having Rusev doing something despicable like threatening to attack Lana or attempting to degrade the American flag," added the same report.

The match could also end with Cena just claiming a "clean win." Bleacher Report said that the 15-time world champion has the skills to easily take down Rusev but fans will reportedly consider his win as "an all-too-realistic possibility."

It was also noted that Rusev can also explore playing a clip with Cena saying "I quit" which was an epic strategy in 1999 for Mankind during his match versus the Rock at the Royal Rumble.

Bleacher Report said that Cena has uttered "I quit" several times prior to the match and Rusev can easily get his audio file and play it during the game.

That would be a pretty brilliant idea from Rusev which Cena should be prepared for if he really wants to win the match. Both players are hoping to come to the ring prepared as their battle has been going on for quite some time.

Meanwhile, Cena is obviously packing more strength and muscles to bring down Rusev for the third consecutive time and seal the win for the match.

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