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'F1 2015' Game PS4 Xbox One PC Release Date News & Trailer: What to Expect in New Broadcast Style

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The upcoming "F1 2015" Game is expected to come out on PS4, Xbox One and PC in June and it promises not only newly-revamped cars but also a new broadcast style.

According to a report on the Formula 1 website, the next release of Formula One's official video game will give players a cinematic experience by introducing a new broadcast style. This is believed to incorporate "opening sequences, grid sequences, on-track celebrations and of course the podium champagne, all voiced by Sky F1's commentators David Croft and Anthony Davidson."

Principal games designer Lee Mather said in the Formula 1 writeup that they added scripts and introductions to the race to make the gameplay experience of players better.

"We've recorded hundreds of thousands of lines of script to cover all permutations of results and events throughout the season. Championship season sessions all have introductions, post-race podium and driver celebrations, all of which add to the overall experience," he added.

UberGizmo reported that the new game, which is expected to be released on June 12, 2015, will also have voice integration with the PlayStation Camera and Kinect, and players will be given the capacity to ask questions on the weather, the race itself and could even request for a tire change.

The June release, according to Formula 1, is the earliest in the history of the franchise. "Gamers will be able to play along as the season itself unfolds," it added.

Aside from this development, it was also noted that the game will have an updated 2014 season data and pre-Melbourne 2015 landscape. Players can also expect that these will have further updates within the year since the developer is aiming to have "real-time performance changes."

Video game developer Codemasters said, as quoted in the Formula 1 website, that the game will also come with exciting features meant to reinvent this year's release, including unprecedented feel and feedback.

Driving experience which includes handling, suspension and weight distribution were reportedly "taken to a whole new level compared to previous versions."

"We've always had an incredibly in-depth physics engine, but this really is something special..." Mather explained.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the game is also believed to have a natural and organic feel because of the changes which will be incorporated in the game.

"This is to such a degree... that they'll make moves a human would. They might suddenly switch sides in a braking zone in order to pull off a pass, lock up and just make the apex - but then light up their rear tyres due to the compromised exit," he added.

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