Updated 01:48 AM EDT, Wed, Oct 20, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Release Date Before Galaxy Note 5? Leaked Model Number Details Emerge!

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The upcoming Galaxy Note 5 is rumored to be released late this year but reports indicate that the phablet, along with a Galaxy S6 variant, have already leaked online via the IMEI database .

TechnoBuffalo said the two upcoming phones were listed with their model number which could also be an indicator of Samsung's plans for their next phone releases.

"First up is the SM-N920F, which sounds like a likely successor to the Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910). The device has apparently been code-named 'Noble,'" noted TechnoBuffalo in its report.

The other model number is SM-G928S or code name "Zen," which according to TechnoBuffalo could be the variant of the Galaxy S6 which would probably be the Galaxy S6 Plus. But there is also the possibility of it being the S6 Active or S6 Mini variant.

The International Business Times (IBT) informed readers that there is still no information readily available on determining the difference between the Galaxy S6 Plus and the other two S6 models.

"On the other hand, the last letter on the model number reportedly shows the regional version or the carrier. This means, the letter 'F' pertains to Europe, whereas the letters 'A' and 'V' belong to AT&T and Verizon, respectively. Meanwhile, the letters 'S' and 'K' apparently stand for SK Telecom and KT, respectively," IBT explained.

ValueWalk said that the Galaxy Note 5 could come with a 6-inch Ultra HD display with a 2,160 x 3,840 resolution. In terms of processor, the report said that Samsung may opt for an Exynos processor for the phablet.

"The Galaxy Note 5 model with dual-edge display will apparently feature a 5.78-inch screen, whereas the regular version will feature an ultimate 5.89-inch display. Therefore, the pixel densities of the dual-edge and regular versions will translate to 762 ppi and 748 ppi, respectively," IBT wrote.

It was also rumored that the phablet will be able to charge wirelessly.

"Aside from outstanding resolution and processor power, this will probably also be a mobile device that introduces wireless charging to Samsung's phablet range," added ValueWalk, noting that this feature is already included in the Galaxy S6.

There is also an expected improvement on the camera of the Galaxy Note series with users expecting it to reach 21-megapixel for enhanced images.

TechnoBuffalo said that Samsung could release the Galaxy Note 5 by September and that the Galaxy S6 variant could be revealed at an earlier date.

Though the company has not confirmed the Galaxy S6 Plus nor the features of the upcoming Galaxy Note 5, users are already very much excited for their releases. Samsung is also expected to bring in more powerful and useful phones to address the needs of its users.

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