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'WWE 2K16' Releasing for PC? Roster, Gameplay, Features & Everything We Know So Far

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"WWE 2K16" may have a PC release after 2K Sports brand manager Bryce Yang said that they want to make their games playable in other platforms to serve various types of people.

In an interview with Figure Four Online in January (excerpt available on Power Up Gaming), Yang announced that the company wants to have their games on as "many different systems for as many different people" as possible.

The plan did not materialize in the "WWE 2K15" release, with Yang attributing it to a strict deadline, WhatCulture explained.

"Any judgement on WWE 2K15 must be measured. They had to build the current gen versions of the game from scratch in less than a year so more than likely had to rush certain aspects of it," the site added.

So what can people expect in the next installment of the WWE 2K franchise?

IDigitalTimes said that with the upcoming release of the "WWE 2K16," it can be anticipated that either Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns could grace the cover of the new game as they were the big stars the previous year and until now. The same report noted that current heavyweight champion Seth Rollins could be the dark horse for the cover.

"Rollins used his Money In The Bank to take a quick win at WrestleMania, pinning Reigns in the final seconds of the main event match. Rollins may not have the immediate recognition appeal that the WWE wants for the cover of their game though, so we'll see if his in-ring accomplishments can be matched by his out-of-ring ones," iDigitalTimes wrote.

As for the roster, it has been reported that there could be several changes in the lineup, including getting rid of other players like CM Punk and AJ Lee. The previous 83-person roster of the "WWE 2K15" will surely be revamped as per iDigitalTimes.

"Replacing Lee will probably be her tag-team partner Paige, seeing as how Paige was not included in the WWE 2K15 line-up. We may also see Bubba Ray Dudley back based on his appearance at this year's Royal Rumble," the same report added.

New animations will be available in the upcoming release of the game, according to What Culture, and these animations may center on the celebrations after a win. "The belts have even been given the motion caption treatment by being covered in sensors to give the most realistic representation ever," the site added.

WhatCulture also reported that gamers are hoping that the commentary in the game could be improved using recording from live shows which is expected to make the game more lively for the players.

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