Updated 01:31 AM EST, Sun, Feb 28, 2021

Anderson Silva Competing at the 2016 Rio Olympics? UFC Troll King Seeks Taekwondo

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UFC fighter Anderson Silva is setting his eyes on the Rio Olympics next year after he reportedly sent a petition to the Brazilian federation to allow him to compete in the taekwondo event during the prestigious sports competition.

It was noted in a DeadSpin report that Brazil has earned itself with four guaranteed slots for the 2016 Olympics since it is the host nation. It added that the suspended UFC fighter has already arranged for him to meet with the Brazilian sport chief within the week about his chances of competing in the Olympics.

A similar Yahoo Sports report added that the 5th-degree taekwondo black belter has also written a letter to Brazilian Taekwondo Federation (CBTKD) president Carlos Fernandes about his desire to join the summer games.

"Everybody knows that for a high-performance athlete, the Olympic games is the dream of every athlete, and it wouldn't be different with me. It will be a great pleasure to be part of this golden team, which has a serious institution, commanded by president Carlos Fernandes, who honors us very much, along with his team. Therefore, I wish to represent taekwondo and Brazil in the Olympic games in 2016. With all my esteem, strength and honor," read Silva's letter.

Playing taekwondo since the age of 14, Silva has become exposed to the world of mixed martial arts and made his way to the UFC where he built a magnificent career until it was almost halted by a leg break injury in December 2013, during a match with Chris Weidman.

More than a year after his career-stopping injury, Silva returned and won over Nick Diaz at UFC 183, but drug tests conducted prior the fight revealed that he used steroids though he continuously denied using banned substances. He was suspended following the release of the drug tests results.

Yahoo Sports noted that Silva has expressed his desire to join the Olympics even in previous years but it did not materialize since he had to focus on his MMA career.

Competing in the Olympics could be a major feat and achievement for Silva but he could be facing a tougher screening as Yahoo Sports said that the drug testing for the Olympics is conducted by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) which conducts stricter tests than the MMA.

"If Silva is looking to put his PED debacle in MMA to rest, a clean and authoritative run in Rio may just help in restoring his championship legacy with fight fans," added Yahoo Sports.

According to DeadSpin, Silva is still being punished for doping allegations and he has a hearing set next month. It added that he could be facing a two-year ban once found guilty of the violation.

His fans will be very much excited if Silva will be given the chance to compete in the Rio Olympics since it will be held in his own country. Still, he has to overcome the current issues he is facing and wait for the decision of the CBTKD.

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