Updated 08:31 AM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Andrea Navedo Urges Latinos to Watch More Latino-Themed TV Shows

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Andrea Navedo is urging her fellow Latinos to watch more TV shows which are Latino-themed.

Joining her "Jane the Virgin" co-star Gina Rodriguez, Navedo called on the Latino community to watch her The CW show and other TV programs focusing on the Hispanics.

"We need to unite as a group and say 'We are one.' There is so much power in the numbers of Latinos in this country," the 37-year-old actress told Fox News Latino. Last month, Navedo said at the P&G Orgullosa's Nueva Latinas Living Fabulosa forum that whenever the Hispanic community watches more Latino-themed TV shows, it shows studios that their ethnicity matters.

"We are 54 million plus in this country. If we have a third, even just 10 percent of them watching 'Jane' ... then we can bring up our numbers and they (the studios) are going to create more shows and they aren't going to have a fear that we don't make money," explained Naveda, who stars as Xiomara on the show, as reported by Fox News Latino.

Navedo, who admitted that she didn't have enough Latino acting role models when she was growing up, said that the lack of Hispanics on TV and films almost deterred her from pursuing the craft because it wasn't a "real reality" for her back then. She also added that combining the "Latino community as a unit" still needs more work, the news outlet wrote.

Speaking about a "Jane the Virgin" cast member who commented how FOX's "Empire" rakes in a lot of viewers, Navedo explains that "the Black community sees itself as one group and they are all experiencing the same experiences as a group with racism" while growing up in the U.S.," Fox News Latino quoted.

She added, "Latinos come from different countries and they tend to segregate with only their country instead of embracing all the other countries. In reality, all the Latinos are going through the same experiences of discrimination and racism."

Navedo also talked about the final few episodes of the first season of "Jane the Virgin." According to the actress, Rodriguez's Jane will finally give birth to her baby in the finale, which will be an exciting moment for her character, Xiomara, the news outlet reported.

"She's going to have the baby in the final episode," she told Fox News Latino. "It's a doozy. That final episode is so good and well-written. It's got three cliffhangers."

Rodriguez, on the other hand, describes the finale as "so strong and such a shocker," as quoted by PEOPLE. Brett Dier, who plays Michael Cordero, Jr. in the series, also said that the May season finale will be a "mind blower," News 1130 reported, adding that the actor revealed that the whole cast agreed "not to read the script ahead of time and sat shocked at the table read before shooting the final scenes."

"Jane the Virgin" airs on Mondays, 9 PM ET, on CW.

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